Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Turning 9 - Happy Birthday Lucas

Somehow Lucas turned 9! Really???!?!? NINE YEARS OLD!!! Well, we do love a good birthday and turning 9 was no exception in this house. The birthday monsters came and decorated the night before...

Birthday Monster??
To have a weekend birthday is the best ever! Lucas woke up Saturday morning to some instant birthday fun.

Yep, he was a nine year old now!!
Hugs from Daddy
A big awesome balloon and a rad hair do!
Singing card from G&G A

Axel was such a great birthday supporter


And bubble-wrap popper helper.

Daddy didn't want to miss any fun.

Axel picked out a peppermint candle and fancy pens for Lucas to draw his dragons with.
Science! This boy loves science to many of his gifts were science related.

Science books!

Science kits.

Periodic Table Poster
After the morning presents, it was cake decorating time. Lucas wanted a traditional tall layered cake with white and green frosting. He was adamant that the layers be a mix of yellow and chocolate cake and he was not disappointed.

Axel and Lucas thought mustaches made a nice final touch. I was happy to have the help.
Since we had recently moved to Colorado, we didn't have any established friends to invite to his birthday party. However, we do have relatives who live close by and they made the journey to Colorado Springs for his big celebration. We took everyone to the Garden of Gods to enjoy a little bouldering.
Aunt Kate and Cousin Amelie

Amelie is her beautiful sun hat figuring out that water bottle.
Showing Grandpa J how it is done.
Birthday boy at the top of his climb.

Cousin Logan and Axel getting their climb-on too.

Oh, and pose-on!

More climbing with Uncle Mark and Dad

Rest time with Grandpa J

Long rest!
After a great time at the Garden of Gods, we headed to another garden...Olive Garden!
G&G J waiting for dinner.

Intellectual conversations with Uncle Mark


After dinner, we headed back home for some cake and presents.
Electronic Monopoly!
His first microscope!
Then, FINALLY, it was cake time!


Serious business?!

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!



Happy crowd!
As the party was just slowing down...
a good ol' fashioned game of Don't Let the Balloons Touch the Ground was in full effect!
Then it was time to wrap it up and say our good-byes and Thank Yous.

Lucas, we love you so much and had such a wonderful day (week, month, year) celebrating you! You bring us so much joy and love and we think we are the luckiest parents ever!!

My sweet new nine year old!

Sunday! A whole day to enjoy the birthday present aftermath!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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