Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back on the Horse!

We met up with some friends at the local climbing gym "Urban Krag" passed our belay tests and had our first after back brace climbing experience! It was wonderful and so nice to see Mike do a little climbing again. His back is feeling great so he's been cleared to do light exercise. Keeping climbing "light" is always a challenge especially if you're Mike but he did a great job and didn't over do it...wasn't even sore!

Lucas was the happiest back to an environment he's grown up in and surprised all the locals by his mellow behavior and funny conversations. We just had a wonderful time and felt like "normal" when everything else has been so out of normal.

House update...we will know by Friday if the bank will accept our offer and if not, it's on to the next. It's been frustrating having to wait and potentially waste time just to start over but the house would be a good one for sure. More to come...

Tomorrow we are going to visit some preschools so Lucas is excited but a little nervous when I told him that I would not stay with him at the school. Our last "school" experience was a Mommy/toddler class so that will take some time getting used too...being a really big boy. I'm sure he won't be so excited the first couple days but it will be good for all of us.

I've joined another Shaklee team for this season's Team-Up Event. It's a wonderful way to help build a bigger and stronger business while working with other people who have a Shaklee business. Our goal is to bring in new business partners and really share the wonderful Gold Ambassador Program. The annual conference was also held this August and unfortunetly I was unable to go because of our move but new products and programs were announced. Vivix is the latest rage and one I'm still learning about. It's an Anti-Aging Serum taken orally which targets the body at a cellular level. It not only has been proven to stop cellular aging but actually reverse it. We are so excited about this and the testimonials are already coming in from people only using it a few weeks. I think the most exciting is the potential it holds for disease and other illnesses...the future looks bright!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hiking - House Hunting - Hiking - House Hunting

We are definitely impressed with Dayton's parks. There are tons of trails through beautiful wooded areas (lots of bugs - not so impressed by these) but lots of neat places to explore. It's been so nice to have Daddy join us on our hikes again. We even came across a little climbing area about 20 minutes from the Air Force Base that will be fun to check out when Mike is in climbing condition. He hopes to start physical therapy soon!

So, we are still house hunting. We put an offer on a house a few days ago and eagerly awaited a response. We were not expecting what we got back...basically, what we offered would not cover the current owners home loan. They had to go to their bank and find out if the bank would accept the offer or not. So, now we have a situation were they want to sell, we want to buy and it's up to the bank. The bank said they were considering the offer but gave us no time line. It could be a few days or months and we are not willing to wait for months.

We are headed back out to see another round of homes and plan to put another offer on a different one early next week. We really like the first house but need to get things moving and get settled. What a process but so much nicer after being through it once before.

Besides exploring parks, we've been exploring the local museums and festivals. Lucas has had a blast and really liked the Boonshoft Children's Museum. They had all sorts of fun things to see and do and even a small zoo with the cutest Otter ever! He was such a performer and would come up to the glass to check us all out. It was like a little puppy who just wanted to play. We could have watched him for hours.

Well, we hope everyone is having a great summer!
Love, The Anderson's

Lucas funny quotes...

- I asked Lucas to hurry and get in the car so we could go. His response, "Just give me two seconds please!" (Guess who he got that from?!)

- After explaining to Lucas that we were going to meet my friend Kristina and her boyfriend Jim for lunch he responded, "Is Jim a grill or a boy?" Translation: "Is Jim a girl or boy?"

- I bought some spray Neosporine to take with us on our hikes because Lucas usually takes sliding dives at some point after tripping over tree roots or rocks. He was so excited about the medicine (mostly the dispenser) and couldn't wait to use it. We asked him what fun things he wanted to do after his nap, "I want to go hiking and run really fast and fall and get an "owey" and use my medicine... ALL BY MYSELF!" (Luckily, when he did fall his hands were protected by tape gloves and he only got dirty. However, he was pretty sure there was an owey on his elbow so we tested the medicine and he was a very happy boy!) NOTE: athletic tape make wonderful hand protectors for little hikers. We cover his palm and he's good to go!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hello, Hello, Hello!
Yes, our life has been NUTS but we are all doing well and Mr. Lucas turned three today! What a big boy he is and what a wonderful day we had. For the past three months, he has talked about which sprinkler he wants for his birthday. Every time we went to Home Depot (which was a lot lately getting our house ready for renters), we would have to go check out the sprinkler section. Today was the day we finally got to take home his favorite one! It's a "Lellow (yellow) Spinney Sprinkler" and now his has his very own Lellow Hose to go with it! Who would of thought that a sprinkler could bring so much joy to a little boy? The other big hits of the day were birthday cake and CANDLES, hiking at two new parks, spotting some real beavers and a BUG VACUUM from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. What a perfect gift for Lucas and perfect for Ohio. It sucks up bugs into a little clear container so you can see them with a magnifying glass and inspect them. He loves it and it is currently sleeping with him right now!! We have some other fun gifts but we are spreading them out and saving some for a marshmallow shooter from Aunt Christina...we need to buy marshmallows before opening this one. It will be a huge hit!

Olympic Update: Michael Phelps just one his 8th straight GOLD MEDAL in Beijing!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL!!!

So, we have a three year old stuck in a 15 year old body and is a little mechanical engineer just like his daddy. Yesterday, I filled up his water bottle for him and asked him to put on the lid, "I will Mommy, after I see how it works." That's my boy! He wants to know how everything works! We had a fun day watching him enjoy his big birthday moments!

Dayton Update: We had a crazy few weeks getting out of Colorado Springs but our renters moved in and we wrapped things up to the best of our abilities. The drive out was easier than we expected and Lucas was amazing the entire way. We took all four travel days and visited a few friends along the way which really broke things up and made it enjoyable. Sorry to all those we were not able to meet up with for good-byes...we'll be back!

Dayton is beautiful and the variety of trees are amazing and will be wonderful this fall. The 20 year cicada cycle is here so millions of bugs fill the trees with constant noise. When we first arrived we thought something was wrong with the car until we got outside and realized it was just bugs!

We are currently staying on base, in a duplex while we look for a new home. It's been hard trying to decide on a house in an area we know little about. However, we have a wonderful Realtor (Sheila Westfall-Preston with Real Living Realty Services) who has been a big help and a joy to work with. Everyday we learn something new about the area. The Metro City Parks are wonderful and there is a State Park down the road with a little rock climbing and great hiking. New adventures everywhere. We tried taking Lucas to the Children's Museum today but he fell asleep about 3 minutes before we got there. He was out and were weren't about to wake up the birthday boy.

Pregnancy Update: I'm feeling great after a rough first trimester with nausea. Shaklee's Vitamin B Complex was amazing! My second trimester is going great so my energy is up and nausea is gone...WooWhoo! We will find out in a month if it's a boy or girl so that will be exciting!

Lucas is very curious about how this baby is going to come out? This summer in Oregon, he asked his Aunt Jen (due next week with baby number 2) if her baby was going to "pop out your mouth?" We decided the belly button would work just fine for "popping out" so now he's always looking for a little hole in my belly button. It's been fun to watch his mind try to figure it all out!

Broken Back Update: NO MORE BRACE! Mike was cleared to take his brace off and start physical therapy a day before we left for Dayton. What a wonderful treat to see that thing sit in the corner of our room. Mike has a new sense of freedom but still taking it slow to ease into things. Very exciting!

We love and miss you all! We will keep everyone posted on our house hunting. It may take a little time, we don't want to rush into anything too quickly. Mike starts real classes in September after a few refresher courses in August. My Shaklee business is still alive despite my lack of focus and crazy unsettled times. The Internet and ability to have customers all over the U.S. makes that possible thank goodness.

I will be able to get photos going soon to help keep everyone up to date!

Love, Janelle Mike & Lucas

~ Lucas' quote after being told he was cute: "I'm not cute, I'm big!!!"

~ Lucas' quote after Grandpa Jakulewicz started turing the WHY? questions around": "We're not asking questions right now Grandpa!"

~ His latest..."I'm the one asking the questions right now!"


Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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