Monday, October 31, 2011


We kicked off Halloween with a quick trip to the local Orange Festival in Niceville. There were plenty of games and candy to make two SCARY characters very pleased.
There was goodies galore at every table, car & truck.
Even fun games to test out our skills and maybe to find out our weaknesses too. Golf is not necessarily our strong point but hey, we do live in Florida. Maybe the tides will change? Maybe not.
We were very good at the ring toss once we figured out that it's like Frisbee.
In all the excitement of the big festival, Axel ended up with no trick or treat bucket and no shoes. Luckily, we have all the beach gear in our trunk so he was a swim shoe wearing dinosaur with a tiny ziplock back for all his treats.
After a few games, we spotted the Trunk-or-treat cars.
It didn't take long to figure out this was a good deal and look, he even scored a nice big bag!Lucas was like a machine and his bucket was proof to his technique and speed.
We headed home with trick-or-treating on the brain. After a quick snack, Daddy and the boys were off! Mommy stayed home to take care of the doorbell and the big bowl of candy that needed to be handed out.
The thing Lucas is holding is his force lightening tazer just like the real Emperor Palpatine.So much candy, so little time.
Daddy wore out the boys and we had more than enough candy to make us happy.
Watch out for this gobblin aka candy theif!!!

"Hey kids, what's that over there?"
Not a clue, that they had been had. :)It was a little tough to break away from dinner but we had three hungry boys in this house. After dinner we headed over to our neighbors to visit and drink a little wine. A wonderful ending to a great Halloween!HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2011!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Can't Wait!

Today is Grandma J's birthday which is very exciting for two reasons...
1. Birthdays are always awesome, Happy Birthday Grandma!
2. The day after Grandma's birthday is HALLOWEEN!!!!
Alls I can say is...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Have Internets!

Television and Internet access have not been high on our priority lists these past few weeks. However, getting organized after our move to Florida was on the top of our list. We are about 95%'s that last little bit that lingers on but we can live with that. We are just so happy to get settled and in a new routine. Lucas loves school, Axel loves our neighborhood (we all do), Daddy is getting used to a real job and Mommy loves having no TV but is very excited about the Internet.

We have been out exploring, looking for good beaches, restaurants, shops and of course, rocks to climb. We've been successful in all areas, although, there are zero rocks (real rocks) to climb in Florida.

We live across the bridge from Destin so there are tons of restaurants, harbor walks and outdoor shopping along the strip. We found some fancy boats that we thought Grandpa J would love.
We found our Halloween costume and live in it.
We even found rock climbing about 3 1/2 hours away near Birmingham, AL. Despite the unsightly graffiti, the rock was good quality and fun to climb on. The boys got to test out their new puffy coats. It's hard to imagine that it's snowy and cold in states north of us. It will be a shock when we head to cold temps at out cabin next month.
Daddy studying the guide book.
The boys had a great time climbing too.We were Boo'd by the neighbors and the boys were going crazy guessing who the ghost might have been. If you've never been boo'd, you should start the tradition in your neighborhood. It sure is fun especially for young kids.
Went to the Mullet Festival...mullet the fish not mullet the hair-do. I know, we were a little disappointed too. :) But, the festival was fun and we discovered some new foods.
And new desserts...
Folks recommended the Deep Fried Oreos! It's like a donut hole and an oreo mated and melted together. Not too bad!
Slushies were a hit too.
After a quick trip to the festival, it was off to a birthday party. Check out Axel, he was so excited to included with the big kids.
Lucas had last Monday off from school so we headed to Santa Rosa Beach. We had a blast digging in the sand and watching Axel chase girls.
Here's the view of the gulf.
Not bad, huh?!
Learning about the waves.
Drip sand castles are a fav.
Axel looking cute...
for the little THE LADIES!And then he decided to shoot them with the water gun. Not a bad technique, they kept coming back for more. :)
Lucas continued to work on his master piece. I was impressed.
Oh, and yes, we found a little climbing in Florida! We got the treadwall up and running.
Florida ain't too bad! :)

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

The Danger Zone needed a little update to include not only LUCAS DANGER, but also his little brother...AXEL ADVENTURE!

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