Thursday, February 26, 2009

We Did Get Him!

Hi Brian, looks like we do have some photos of you...thank you Grandpa J.

I love this one!
Look, another photo of the snuggle bugs...Grandpa got in lots of cuddles this trip!
A few shots of Lucas at the Air Force Museum.
Astronaut Lucas!
Cute Lucas!
Here's the whole gang that joined us last week. (Uncle Brian, Grandma J, Grandpa J, Axel and Uncle Micah)


Monday, February 23, 2009

More Visitors!

We had a full house this past week. My parents (Grandma & Grandpa Jakulewicz), Uncle Micah and Uncle Brian joined us here in Dayton. It was so nice to have family around and Lucas WAS SOOOO EXCITED!!!

Grandpa meeting Axel.
Grandma meeting Axel.
So excited to have Grandpa here!
Axel had to rest after so much excitement.
Cuddles! Boy do we miss cuddles from Grandma & Grandpa J.
Axel didn't want too miss out either.
Getting to know precious!
Don't forget about me!
Big brother love...Lucas was full of hugs!
And full of smiles too!
Grandpa with Mr. Snuggle.
Uncle Micah caught a turkey!
One big Lucas turkey!

Looks like Uncle Brian sneaked away without a photo...we'll get you next time! :)

We had a wonderful visit but of course, time went by way too fast. The photos don't show all the fun we had. The Airstream Factory was a huge hit for Grandpa and the Air Museum also kept people busy...I think Grandpa needs at least another full week to read all the info signs at the museum. I guess you're just going to have to come back to visit us! :)

We already miss you all. Thank you for all the wonderful meals and helping hands. It was a treat to have you in our home. We love and miss you...but don't worry, we bought plane tickets to Colorado today. See you in March! Love, Janelle Mike Lucas & Axel

Thursday, February 19, 2009


New baby + sprained ankle + three day weekend + cold weather = Rocket Time!

Daddy and Lucas found a homemade rocket online and decided to take on the project. Of course, Daddy wanted to improve and modify the design. :)

Instead of a hand held rocket, Daddy was going to build one with a launch pad. (Someone didn't want to get wet!) Good thing we had three days because it took all three of them. It's hard to explain to a three year old why we can't instantly have a rocket. There are a lot of steps starting with a trip to Lucas' favorite Home Depot so we were off to a good start but the glue drying wasn't as fun. I think it was worth the wait!

Here Daddy & Lucas are checking out the website to get the material list and instructions.
Then down to the basement to start glasses and all! (I love this photo!)
Occupying Lucas during this three day process was a challenge for Daddy but he did very well...Mommy was very impressed by his patience. Lucas got to help with all stages of building the rocket. A true Daddy-Son project!
Here is the final assembly before the first test flight. The 2 liter bottle is the rocket.
Then, outside for a test run.

Pumpin' it up...
Lucas getting ready to pull the launcher...
Daddy getting a little wet....YAHOOO! It worked!!!
Lucas with the rocket recovery...great exercise!
Next, we packed up the family and headed to the high school field to see what the rocket could really do.

Lucas and Daddy sure did a good job, that thing launches! Mommy & Axel were very impressed.
I have video of the actual launches so when I figure out how to post them I will. :)

Give Credit Where Credit is Due!

I would love to take credit for our new blog name but that really wouldn't be fair. :)

I need to thank Janet Yoder from Colorado Springs, CO for suggesting such a cool blog name. She emailed me the other day with the new name and I fell in love with it...THANK YOU JANET!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Looking Back

I thought it would be fun to see a few photos of Lucas and Axel at the same age.
Hope you enjoy!

Here is LUCAS coming home...
and AXEL coming home.
LUCAS with Grandpa Jakulewicz...
and AXEL with Grandma Anderson.
LUCAS holding hands and...
and AXEL holding hands.
LUCAS with Daddy and...
AXEL with Daddy.
Close up of LUCAS...

and close up of AXEL.
LUCAS relaxing...
and AXEL chillin' out.
These are my boys!
Axel, you are a wonderful addition to our family.
Lucas, thanks for being such a great big brother.
Daddy...Mike...thank you for being a wonderful father!

I love you all sooooo very much!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Before Mommy Forgets

We took these photos before Lucas officially became a big brother and I wanted to get them on the blog before we forgot. They're just too cute not to post!

We took Lucas to the climbing gym just before Grandma Anderson arrived. Coming up with things the whole family could do was a little challenging before Axel decided to join us. Gym climbing was perfect and Lucas had a ball using all his very own climbing gear.

Here Lucas is getting ready to head up to the wall and Mommy is ready for baby brother to come!
Here he goes. Up, up, up and away!
Even a little photo posing...takes after his Daddy and Uncle Mark. :)
Here Lucas is lowering down to the ground..."Mommy, down please?!"
Can you tell, HE LOVES TO CLIMB!!!
We even like to boulder with Daddy and must try the hard ones too.
The next day we had to get ready for Grandma A to come visit. Here birthday was on February 7th so we had a great excuse for another birthday celebration.

Lucas is a pro at this...
Frosting is a must...oh, and sprinkles too, a whole bottle of them. :) And, a little tasting if you can see it all over his face!
The final product, all personally decorated by Lucas himself!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Have A Name!

As you can see, we had a little trouble coming up with a name to follow Lucas Danger. However, after much thought, research and zero input from friends and family we have one!

Baby A has a middle name of ...

and his first name is...

So you put it all together and we announce to you...

Axel "Adventure" Anderson
Born February 9, 2009 at 7:41am
8lbs 10.6oz
20 inches
I'm sure you are curious why we chose Axel and what it means...
1. We like it!
2. We loved that it is unique
3. It's a tough name...a little tough for a newborn but just think when he's two!
4. It's Scandinavian meaning Father of Peace; Reward from God
5. The German meaning is "Source of Life"

Here's Grandma A's reaction to the name of little Triple A....which says "Seriously?!?!" without saying a word! We were not surprised and expect to have a few more similar reactions.

"Danger" produced some great reactions too! :)
Grandma A getting to know little Axel.
Lucas brought his brother a present to the hospital and low and behold, Axel had one for him too! Lucas was excited about the present but was a little unsure about the baby brother.

"I don't want a baby brother."
Oh boy, what is it?
More Legos! A fighter jet, helicopter and prop plane! Have you ever built a Lego airplane in a hospital room with a 3 year old? Not highly recommended but we made it happen.
After a hour or so, Lucas decided his baby brother wasn't too bad and wanted to hold him...such a big brother!
Half of a smile, this is hard work!
We were released after 48 hours and we were all excited to go home. We got dressed in real clothes and even opened our eyes for the big occasion.
Already to go! This boy has one heck of a sucking reflex...nursing has been a breeze so far. However, it means he's addicted to his hands which scratch his face and eyes if not hidden. The pacifier was a big hit but luckily he doesn't need it all the time.
So sweet!
Nothing like some cute after baby photos of Mommy...good thing Axel & Daddy are there to distract. :)
We came home right before Lucas' nap. He was very excited to see us but again wanted very little to do with this new brother thing. I can tell he's confused and not really sure about his place in this world anymore. That's understandable for sure so right before nap, I laid down with him to talk. Most of the discussion was about how much I love him and how proud of him I am. The other part was from Lucas, "I want you to put him back in your belly"..."I don't want a little brother"...and then my most favorite reoccurring one..."How did he get in your belly?"...I told him daddy helped me when he was super small like a little seed and now he's way to big to go back in. That seemed to settle it, for now at least.

After nap, Lucas had a new attitude and really wanted to be more involved. He became The Photographer and found his place in this new baby/big brother world.

Here Daddy gets in some football talk with Axel.
The hands were free...yahooooo...I can finally suck on them again or at least try!
Big long fingers like Mommy.
Here he is...our photographer taking his new job very seriously. (I know there will be some proud blogger/photographers out there...Erin? Amy? Susie?...and all you others) :0)
I could not resist these tiny toes!
I'll update more details with how things went in the hospital at a later date. To sum it up...Quick and All Natural! I had my wonderful husband and a great midwife, both who helped make Axel's birth an amazing experience! Thank you Mike, I love you so much!

Grandma Anderson...your timing was perfect and we are so happy you are here helping us. Thank you so much for taking such great care of Lucas! We really are so thankful you are here and appreciate all the little things you do and are doing. :)

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

The Danger Zone needed a little update to include not only LUCAS DANGER, but also his little brother...AXEL ADVENTURE!

Welcome to our family blog now known as:

DANGER and ADVENTURE Around Every Corner!!