Friday, February 6, 2009


Mike received a few big boy toys for Christmas, some 14+ age Lego kits all centered around Star Wars. One is even a walking robot so you can imagine the torture this can create for a three year old who can't play with it. He wanted to help build it and did but really doesn't understand why he can't play with it? Why would Daddy want to just "look" at such a cool robot and not play with it?
Anyways, the tables turned the other night. He received a late Christmas gift from Uncle Micah that had been on back order. It's a Lego Cargo Plane with propellers and cargo cars...his first Lego kit with normal sized Legos. Daddy and Lucas set to work while Mommy did very important computer work...blogging!

As soon as that plane was built, Mommy and Daddy got the lecture!

LUCAS: "Mommy & Daddy, this is not a's for looking at with your eyes, not for playing with!"
DADDY: "Lucas, it's okay to play with this one. It's stronger than my Legos."

LUCAS: "No Daddy, it's not for you to play's for LOOKING at!"

DADDY: "Okay Lucas, we'll just look at it."

I'm sure he is convinced that we make arbitrary rules all the time for different scenarios. He was pretty happy to be the one making the rules this time and not the recipient! Too funny!

A sense of control is sooooo important when your 3 years old....and 32 years old...I guess some things never change. :)

Here's the finished product...
and accessories too!

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Amy said...

That looks like a pretty cool lego set. . . I can see why it would be so special that it's for "looking only"!

I'll admit that sometimes I get into playing with Hayden's Thomas trains--setting up the best possible track layout and such. It will be fun when he gets a little older and can do legos and robots. I guess I am a true engineer at heart!

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