Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What to Do When Your Baby is Due

Today is our official due date. So far, Baby Anderson is still snug-as-a-bug, however, we know how fast things can change. Until he's ready, we have been trying to find fun things to do at home while we wait. This is much harder with all the recent snow and ice we've ha but we're getting by.

Here is our backyard last week. This storm resulted in two 2-hour delay days and 2 days off for Daddy! Too bad the snow was ruined by a night of rain and freezing rain. It was beautiful I have to admit.
Lucas braved the weather and cleared all the icicles for us.
Then more pretend play. Lucas has been very involved checking out all the baby stuff which has recently emerged from the basement.
I'm mean really checking it out...I had to explain to him that he was a little too big for the baby swing. "That makes me sad, I wanted to try it!" At least the car seat checked out!
Being silly inside with Kristina's boots on during our "big" super bowl party night at the Anderson's. HA!
With all the snow and ice, it is really hard to spend time outside or even go for a walk. We try to get out everyday and it's usually to the sledding hill. These days, it's more of an ice rink which Lucas quickly realized wasn't much fun. Mommy has a few tricks up her sleeve and pulled out the Silly String! Luckily, our friends taught us a valuable lesson about using Silly String inside their home last Decemnber so we opted for the outdoor experience.

Lucas was excited to see what this was all about!
It was a little hard for Mr. Do-It-Myself so he let Mommy help a few times.
Then Mommy was no longer needed...look at this determination!
And then he got it!

So proud of himself. He loved the Silly String but hated the clean up. So did Mommy, what a mess that stuff makes and boy was I happy to be outside. Thanks Susie!
Today, I ventured to the store today to stock up on food. Lucas has been really into strawberries lately so I bought a few packages of them. Lucas wanted to have some for snack and Mr. Big Stuff likes to get things out of the fridge (all by himself) announced that he was going to eat ALL of them. I was happily blogging and said, "Okay Lucas, but you might get a belly ache." A few minutes later he was carrying the empty container. I thought, there is no way he ate all of them?! Mommy was right, although he did a great job trying.

Here's the untouched batch.
Here's the aftermath of a three year old monster at do-it-yourself snack time which was scattered all over the counter top.
Strawberries anyone?!


Amy said...

Hang in there, Janelle, that baby will be here soon!

I'm loving the strawberries at the grocery store, too, and just bought our second batch. That second photo (Lucas's "after") gives me visions of our fridges in about 10 years when we each have 2 big, growing boys raiding them every hour!

Susie said...

I'm so oblivious- is is strawberry season? I'm too wrapped up wishing for spring looking out over the snow covering. Blah. I'm so over this cold, Janelle. I wish I could have a better attitude. Maybe I need to get some silly string and just let it all out-ha!

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