Thursday, February 19, 2009


New baby + sprained ankle + three day weekend + cold weather = Rocket Time!

Daddy and Lucas found a homemade rocket online and decided to take on the project. Of course, Daddy wanted to improve and modify the design. :)

Instead of a hand held rocket, Daddy was going to build one with a launch pad. (Someone didn't want to get wet!) Good thing we had three days because it took all three of them. It's hard to explain to a three year old why we can't instantly have a rocket. There are a lot of steps starting with a trip to Lucas' favorite Home Depot so we were off to a good start but the glue drying wasn't as fun. I think it was worth the wait!

Here Daddy & Lucas are checking out the website to get the material list and instructions.
Then down to the basement to start glasses and all! (I love this photo!)
Occupying Lucas during this three day process was a challenge for Daddy but he did very well...Mommy was very impressed by his patience. Lucas got to help with all stages of building the rocket. A true Daddy-Son project!
Here is the final assembly before the first test flight. The 2 liter bottle is the rocket.
Then, outside for a test run.

Pumpin' it up...
Lucas getting ready to pull the launcher...
Daddy getting a little wet....YAHOOO! It worked!!!
Lucas with the rocket recovery...great exercise!
Next, we packed up the family and headed to the high school field to see what the rocket could really do.

Lucas and Daddy sure did a good job, that thing launches! Mommy & Axel were very impressed.
I have video of the actual launches so when I figure out how to post them I will. :)


Susie said...

I love that 2nd photo, too! WHat a cutie little rocket scientist in the making! Also, I noticed the blog name change- so creative!! Kudos, Janet, for good ideas.

Amy said...

What a great project. . . I keep suggesting these things for Rich to do with Hayden when he gets a little bit bigger.

And poor Mike--what's the ankle story? He can't even go 6 months without some sort of bodily injury!

Love the new name. . . I'm not surprised to hear that Janet came up with it. She has so many great ideas!

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