Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Party Time!

Preparations started early of course. The night before we frosted lots of cookies and had a big helper on our hands.
Notice the pile?! He was so proud to be "helping."
Daddy was happy to be helping too! :)
The next morning, we had cupcakes and a cake to bake and decorate. My helpers were taste testers too and I believe everything passed the test.
Wondering if he's missing out on anything?
Lucas was a decorating fool!
Even a forced smile for the camera. Check out his beautiful work! Cupcakes anyone?!After a morning of baking, it was party time!

Lucas really wanted a birthday party this year so we decided to head to Boonshoft Children Museum. We had a blast! When you set up a party, you can choose from a handful of different themes like; Animal Exploration, Grossology, Mad Science, Super Hero, Dinosaurs and a few others. We choose Mad Scientist because of hands on experiments and our very own science show.

He also chose a cute and easy cake for Mommy to make! We thought it turned out perfectly!
Science time. Everyone got to make little volcanoes, slime and a lava lamp before watching Ranger's Show.
Volcano.Slime.Lava lamps.
Axel was entertained by the camera and here's his perspective.
Here's the boy.
Daddy loves a little science too.
Our little scientist!
Eventually, Mommy needed the camera so Daddy brought out the cell phone and a little "Itsy-Bitsy" song time.
The big science show which I have to admit, was REALLY COOL! He talked about different forms of matter and how they reacted.
Even Axel was entertained.
Making poly-foam. Lucas got to mix and watch and wait and was pleasantly surprised when his foam grew and grew. He got to take home an overflowing cup of hard foam. A handmade birthday present from Ranger.
Methane gas bubbles on fire!
Alcohol vapors on fire.
After the big show, it was present time. He looked at me and said, "Mommy, I didn't even ask for these presents and they are the best's insane...I can't even believe I got these!"
Cake time!
We should have prepared Lucas for the big "make a wish" part of the party. He was not sure what his big wish should be and sat there for a long time contemplating. It was adorable to see.
Still thinking...
Finally, we told him that he could make another wish on his real birthday and not to stress out about this one. He finally wished for stickers. Yep, after all that, he said stickers! Too cute.
The cake was delish and Axel made sure to share Mommy's too!
Phew! What a party! Everyone had a great time and on Monday, Lucas will really be 5 years old! I can hardly believe it.

Happy Birthday Big Boy! We love you Lucas. - Love, Mommy, Daddy & Axel

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Hair Cut

Lucas went first and was not too impressed that I had the camera in his face. What a grump!Watching "The Grinch Stole Christmas" must have made his heart grow a few sizes bigger because he was in a good mood at the end of his hair cut. Mommy was not allowed to take anymore photos of him.
After watching his big brother, Axel was ready for his turn.
He was so proud!
Then a little unsure...
but stayed strong and did great! He sat so still and was such a good boy. I was so proud too.
It was the perfect amount of time because he was ready to get up when she was done. So handsome!
The two lollipops and balloon topped off this experience.
Someone is turning 5 years old on Monday so birthday preparations have begun!
These tasty treats will be included in the party favor goody bags. We are excited!!
If you need a good sugar cookie recipe, I found a WONDERFUL one and will post it soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Axel discovered the stool!
All I can say...

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Grand Finale

Smuggler's Notch in Vermont is a beautiful forested area full of granite boulders. It was a natures little playground....and Daddy's too! :) We all enjoyed the boulders and Lucas' favorite part was playing "peek-a-tazer" which is his made up version of "hide-n-seek." The hider has to taze his opponent when he comes within range.
Daddy checking out his next climb.
Snack time.
After bouldering, we drove to Ottawa, Canada and the next day headed to Algonquin Prov. Park to see some Canadian wildlife. The only wildlife we saw besides frogs, birds and squirrels were the stuffed animals in the visitor center. It was still a beautiful park and we did a handful of small hikes.

Someone stole Daddy's driving glasses along the way.
Checking things out.
We did a hike to some "rapids" and based on Daddy's face and the view of the tiny rapid in the photo should give you an idea of our opinion about this hike. It was time to head to Toronto.
On our way out, we did spot this baby tree growing out of a dead tree stump that was pretty cool.
We were tired of driving and very happy to arrive in Toronto! Talk about a busy town, it was nuts!!
Down at the water front in Toronto.
Lucas was pretty impressed with the sidewalk shows. This act was his favorite but the magic show was a close second. Here the performer was riding a mini-mini bike and stopped for a drink out of his mini water bottle.
Juggling a fire torch, knife and toilet plunger.
We had to head down the road to Niagara Falls. Lucas doubted our decision driving so far to see "just a waterfall" but had a change of heart when he saw it. It's so cool to see in person.
It's pretty misty too!
Looks a little windy and wet if you ask me. We were happy just to watch from above. It's a great business plan...$15 a person and those boats make rounds all day long.
Axel just taking it all in.
Seeing the falls for the first time will take your breath away. They are HUGE and just BEAUTIFUL!
A very impressive sight!
Checking out American was a HOT day but we were happy to finally see Niagara Falls. It was worth the drive.
American Falls.
Our first clue we had made it to Old Town Toronto.
St. Lawrence Market, which is located in Old Town Toronto, is a must see for sure. It's all indoors and I'm sure hopin' on Saturday mornings when all the local vendors and farmers come down for the full blown farmer's market. We went early in the morning and had the place to ourselves. Grandpa J would have LOVED this place. Fruits & veggies, seafood, meat, meat and more meat, bakeries, cheese and everything in between!
These photos are for you Grandpa!
St. James Park. Note to parents: don't let you one year old stick his hand in the nasty bird bath/water fountain! If you do, your kid might get an arm rash for one week!!!!
Check out this scowl...this is what we get when someone doesn't get his way (or rock candy at the market after throwing a fit).
On our last night in Toronto, we decided to take the ferry to the Toronto Islands. We really had no idea what to expect but were pleasantly surprised that it's like a huge city park with extras. Wonderful kid areas, beaches, bikes, nature areas, fountains and a view of the big lake.

Here's a view of Toronto from the ferry.
The Toronto Islands were full of beautiful flower gardens and acres of grass. It's quite the contrast from downtown.
Lake Ontario...just like a calm ocean.
Mommy and Axel were there too.
View of downtown Toronto from the islands.
Goodbye Toronto...we had a wonderful time!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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