Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 Month, Two Kids and 10 States!

And people say you can't do things with two kids? HA! When there's a WILL there's a WAY and boy oh boy, it was a long way...

However, we had the most wonderful time and have so much to share. We arrived home today and are now getting ready for our favorite time of the year: Fall.

As you can imagine, we have a million photos from our trip. I will be going through them as soon as I can to get them posted and shared.

Thanks for your patience while we were out. In case you were wondering, these are the 10 states we hit:
1. Ohio
2. Indiana
3. Illinios
4. Missouri
5. Kansas
6. Colorado
7. Wyoming
8. Utah
9. Nebraska
10. Iowa

To be continued...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out and About

The blog will be a little quiet for awhile. We are out and about with little Internet time. We will have lots to tell about soon and plenty of photos too. :)

Love, The Anderson's

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

The Danger Zone needed a little update to include not only LUCAS DANGER, but also his little brother...AXEL ADVENTURE!

Welcome to our family blog now known as:

DANGER and ADVENTURE Around Every Corner!!