Monday, September 27, 2010

More Wyoming Days - A Photo Journey

A unique sky as we drove to Lander, WY. Those clouds were formed over the Wind River Range and moved right into Lander.
A view of Sink Canyon (Killer Cave) from the parking lot. The actual cave is hard to see until you are closer to the cliff. For just about two weeks, we spent every other day here.
One afternoon, Lucas decided he wanted to do some limestone climbing and these boulders were perfect. Finding Skittles along the way was perfect motivation.
Daddy belaying Lucas.
Our little climber.
To the tippy-tippy top.
Axel loves his "At" and wears it when we are climbing and it makes Mommy so happy!

NOTE: I know, some of you are wondering why Lucas doesn't have a helmet on while climbing in the photos above. Normally he does, however, there was no rock fall potential on these boulders. Also, due to the low angle of the rock and how short the routes were, he was pretty darn safe. Yes, it's time to buy another climbing helmet.
You can see the climbing cliff up in the background, Lucas on the rock, Daddy belaying and Axel exploring in the foreground.
He loved it so much that it was on to the tricky side and cruised up happy as a clam.
Happy to find those Skittles. Way to go Lucas!
I was pretty happy that Axel took his afternoon nap outside at the crag. We would lay down and watch the birds and talk about butterflies as his eyes closed.
After snooze time, he was ready to go again.
The weather was very cool for the most part but unpredictable. We were protected in the cave so it was fun to watch the wind, the rain, the hail, the clouds and the sun all rotate through out the hours and days. This double rainbow was a treat for sure.
Snack time in Killer Cave.
Our new trick to get Lucas to hike, is to play hide-n-seek-n-taze along the way. He or Daddy runs ahead and hides behind a big rock or tree and jumps out at the last minute to surprise the other one who is hiking. It's entertaining to watch. Here, Mike jumps out to "tazer" Lucas and Lucas LOVES IT!
Lucas' water gun. Pretty awesome, huh?! It does like a million things...
Daddy & Axel taking a little rest.
A hitch hiker we picked up along the way. Just kidding Fred! Thanks for all your help with extra belaying and kid watching. We REALLY appreciated it!
Happy boys!
If you look closely, you can see Fred up on top contemplating the slide into the frigid water.
He did it, he took the plunge. I'll have to post the video of it soon.
Top of the Popo Agie Waterfall hike in Sinks Canyon.
Mr. Steve helping with the launch.
King swings at Killer Cave shouting, "In-coming!"
Even Axel thought it was a blast. He kept saying, "More, more!" I have video of this too.
Mr. Smiles if we tell him he's not aloud to smile when we take a photo. Hmmm...looks like we've found a little trick that works for the time being. :)
Axel's ALWAYS watching Lucas.
I sure love these blue eyes!
Lucas started listing off all of his superhero powers but kept getting frustrated when he couldn't remember them. I pulled out a cute little book and solved that problem. Here Lucas & Aunt Kate are writing down all of Lucas' superhero powers complete with drawings so he can read them all too. He has 25 or so and this is one special book now.
Uncle Mark climbing. After these climbing trips Axel's first sentence was, "Kate, Mark, up!"
Axel snoozin'.
Mommy learning about new superhero powers.
Daddy sending his 5.13...way to go!

Friday, September 24, 2010

We Finally Meet!

One morning, the boys and I drove down to Colorado Springs to see a few friends. Our first stop was to visit Mrs. Carol Cash who has a WONDERFUL backyard. Lucas loves helping her water the plants while Axel loves to pick them. We a beautiful Colorado morning it was, thank you Carol!
Then, it was off to see our dear friends who recently adopted their son, Bekila, from Ethiopia. What an awesome family they have and it was so great to finally meet this beautiful boy! Bekila and Axel are the same age so it was so fun to see them together. They really did get along quite well, I was impressed. Lucas always loves going to Darcy's house but doesn't always love the camera so he hid from it.

Here's the crew: Bekila, Axel & Lucas.
Getting to know each other.
Bekila showed Axel one of his favorite activities, playing in the dog dish. It was a huge hit!
Little carnival rides downtown Manitou Springs, CO.
A Mama in love...
Bekila & the pup.
Darcy, Nancy (her adorable Mom), Bekila and Zookie.
Bath time...Bekila LOVES the water and is definitely going to be an Olympic swimmer some day. :)
Bekila was checking me out with his big, beautiful eyes...or maybe he just wanted my camera?!
We just had so much fun spending the day and night with them. Lucas' favorite part was sleeping down stairs in their spare bedroom which you enter through a hatch and a ladder. So fun! THANK YOU DARCY & DAVE & BEKILA! We love you and miss you so much!

On the way back to Denver, I was able to have lunch with a dear, dear friend from my Montrose years. Wendy & were the best of friends and have so many memories together. It was so nice to see her and spend a few hours catching up. Thanks for taking the time to meet us Wendy!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

The Danger Zone needed a little update to include not only LUCAS DANGER, but also his little brother...AXEL ADVENTURE!

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