Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wyoming Treat

One of our most favorite activities, during our vacation, was a "short" backpacking trip. I say "short" because we only stayed for one night but we got our money's worth with an eight mile hike each way. The hike was definitely not short!

The Wind River Mountain Range is located South of the Tetons and West of Lander, WY. It's a huge range and an absolutely beautiful one. The hike is mostly flat so Lucas was able to hike it himself with some M&M motivation. We found M&M's all along that trail and the ones the squirrels didn't steal were for Lucas and Axel. :) Thanks Daddy!

We arrived at last, now it's time to relax a little.
Axel loved the tent!
Lucas loved the view. Haystack is the name of the rock behind him.
Axel was so happy to be free from the backpack. Unfortunately for him, we had another (little) hike in store. He handled it well. :)
In fact, both boys did AWESOME the entire time!
We wanted to go check out Deep Lake so back to hiking we went. Relaxing?! HA! Not with the crew!
These rock formations frame Deep was stunning!

Lucas enjoyed rock hopping.

Axel enjoyed "skipping" rocks! Tossing rocks into the water is definitely one of Axel's favorite things to do so he was so happy to be at Deep Lake. A little ambitious with his rock.
Aunt Kate & Uncle Mark enjoyed being surrounded by beautiful mountains.
View of Wolfs Head from Deep Lake. You can hardly see the ridge line until the sun shines just perfectly to highlight it.
Fred checking out some high altitude boulders.
Aunt Kate & Axel...Kate's a pretty special lady!
Axel taking in the view...a little different than Ohio!
Lucas found a perfect place to rest...
under this HUGE boulder!
Dinner time! We went all out with big, fat burritos made with red & green bell peppers, onions, hamburger, cheese, lettuce and fresh guacamole. They were delish...isn't everything delish when your camping?!
Mike got the first bit because he hauled in the avocados the eight miles up to camp.

It wouldn't be camping with out a camp fire. Axel had a good lesson in avoiding the smoke as it changed directions every few minutes.
Mr. Fire Man with his all-so-important Fire Poker Stick! I'm pretty sure this was Lucas' favorite part of the entire 3 week trip.
Hot Chocolate for breakfast.
Nothing like another hike before hiking 8 miles out to the car. We went up past Deep Lake to Temple (Peak?) Lake.
It was worth the extra time to do and so beautiful.
Me and my boys. :)
Back at camp for lunch before the big hike home.
We had wonderful weather and glad to only stay one night with a cold front heading in. We do have some hiking photos but they are on Uncle Mark's camera. Daddy was also busy taking photos with his camera so there will be more to come. :)

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