Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twelve T's on Tuesday

Changing it up a bit. Hope your week is going well.

1. Trooper: We went on a family bike/stroller ride last week. Lucas and Mike were on bikes, Axel in the stroller and Mommy in her running shoes. We went from Eastwood Metro Park to River Scape Metro Park for a total of 3 miles. This is pretty big deal for a little-big boy who has to pedal about 4 times as much as his Daddy. What a trooper, Lucas did a great job. After our ride, Mike went back and picked us all up in the car. We'll have to work up to the full 6 mile round trip but for now, this was perfect.

2. Toes & Trader Joe's: Every lady we saw today at Trader Joe's commented on Axel's cute little toes. He was sitting in our umbrella stroller showing off his ten adorable (edible) toes. Mmmm...I could just gobble them up.

Here are those toes.
Happy boy!
3. Testosterone: Lucas must have recently had a testosterone surge because we've seen a big difference in his behavior. I hear this happens to boys around 4 years old. He has been noticeably more aggressive and talks about violent things and gets so frustrated that anger radiates from his face. We've seen more meltdowns in the past few months then we saw his whole 2 and 3 years life. On the flip side, he has been more loving and compassionate when his hormones aren't raging.

4. Treats: Lucas knows the Ice Cream Truck as The Music Truck and was pretty content hearing it's happy tune. However, yesterday he discovered that The Music Truck also has treats like ice cream. Despite our tactics, he's a quick learner. :)

5. Twenty: The countdown continues and my baby will be FOUR in 20 days!

He even looks older, what's a mom to do?!
6. Telling stories: Lucas could tell stories for hours. Most of them resemble stories Mike or I have told but his go on and on and on. "And then...." I love it. It reminds me of my brother, Micah, when we were young doing the same thing.

7. Tomatoes: Is there really anything better than fresh summer tomatoes dusted with a little salt? I can't wait for ours to ripen!

8. Tootin' Toddlers: Okay, it's really Rootin' Tootin' Toddlers but I needed a "T". Lucas starts his swim class next week at Kettering Rec Center. I think Mike and I are more excited than he is. It's a four week class and Daddy will be joining him in the fun.

9. Teetering: This word best describes Axel while he sits and plays. It's amazing how quickly babies learn new things. He is getting good at sitting but a spotter is definitely needed. Axel is learning all about the new world of toys. So many to taste, so little time.

Good catch Axel!
Oh yes, we LOVE to stand too and talk all about the neat things he sees.
10.Teething: Quite possible.
11. Together: I love my family. Axel is such a wonderful addition and Lucas has taken on the role of a great big brother. I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home and watch these boys grow in front of my eyes. Mike, thank you too for being such a wonderful Daddy and loving husband. We missed you last weekend but are so happy you had such a great trip.

12. Tired: Netflix and blogging will do this to you. :) Good Night.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Love

Today was a great day.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a Metro Park activity called Lunch and Learn: Kitchen Garden. I was pretty certain it was a program for kids so we made our super-easy veggie pizza and headed to Cox Arboretum. Come to find out, kids really weren't part of the plan for 99% of the guests. Lucas & Axel were the only kids and boy, I was getting a few looks from the other guests that just said...

Whose this crazy lady with her two kids?

A two hour lunch and learn...with kids?

What is she thinking?

This won't last.

It reminded me of flying back home to Colorado by myself with the boys and Axel was only a month old.)

There was no stopping this mama...
Once I discovered just what I had signed up for, I was way too excited and we weren't leaving until I tried some of the other tasty dishes. :) I was hooked.

Luckily, Lucas is used to keeping himself occupied outside so this was a new area to explore. The big grassy patch in the middle of the garden was a huge help too. His latest thing is pretending he is a lawn mower or a jet airplane or today, a cyclone!

It was wonderful. They had fresh teas and lavender lemonade, freshly harvested veggies, herbs and flowers. Everyone brought a dish to share on top of the numerous dished prepared right in front of us. I felt like I was on the Food Network channel. The recipes and flavors and fresh ingredients were amazing. Even Lucas got involved. He tried even a stevia leaf (natural sweetener), purple-green beans, tomatoes, edible flowers, etc. I was so proud of him. He also found most of his bugs on his Bug Bingo card. Axel just melted every ones heart with his big smile and by the end of the two hours, everyone was in love with the boys. What little charmers they were and on their very best behavior. I guess summer days outside sharing foods is a treat for even the youngest ones.
I forgot to take a photo of round one. This was going back for seconds...everything was AMAZING!! The best part, I have ALL the recipes too! So delicious!
At the end of the lunch, we were given a little bag and allowed to go harvest a few things our self. This was so much fun but very involved and unfortunately I didn't get any photos. Lucas loved picking and collecting veggies and herbs. I think we came home with four different basil stalks alone. Mmmm...Purple Basil Pesto is on the menu this week!

They have beautiful ponds full of fish and turtles surrounded by beautiful flower beds. It's so well kept, lots of TLC goes into this park. It's a must see if you are ever in Dayton, OH.
Then, we were off to the Butterfly House. Lucas learned the caterpillars who make cocoons turn into moths and caterpillars who make a crystallise turn into butterflies...who knew?! Okay, Mommy learned a thing or two as well. :)
Zebra Swallowtail
Outside the Butterfly House we took a little rest on the butterfly bench. I thought I might just get the boys in a photo together. Ice cream is a sure-bet bribe too! :) I'm pretty happy with these and they just make me smile.

Axel using those hands again.
One of my favorites. If only I could bottle them up and save them. I can't believe how fast they are growing up on me.
Good catch Lucas!
This was the smile pose after the ice cream bribe came out. I thought I said ice cream, not cheese. :) I'm not complaining.
And another good catch. What a great big brother you are.
We ended up at Cox Arboretum for 4 1/2 hours! Can you believe that?! Not one major melt down, potty accident or whining...what a treat. Thank you boys! Daddy missed one heck of a special day, we missed you!

Daddy is off to North Carolina for a "Dads only" climbing weekend. It a long drive but Daddy's tough. We hope he has a great time. While he's gone, Axel is in charge of the remote. :)
Mike - I'm not sure if you'll get it back?! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Wednesday Already?!

Ten on Wednesday. (It doesn't have the same ring but I hope you still enjoy!)

1. Here are those grabbers in action. Axel was so excited to check out the newspaper ads. So crinkly and tasty!
2. We did go to the RRG last weekend and had a WONDERFUL time climbing. The weather was unbelievably cool and being back outside on real rock was so fun. Mommy's even getting used to the steep climbing style. Watch out Daddy...you might be belaying Mommy more often in the days to come. :)

Here Mike is telling Axel all about eating and using your "chompers" to crunch yummy food. Axel had on his "listening ears."
Lucas even helped in the demonstration. Pita chips and hummus is our new climbing snack...all the time snack! I need to start making it at home. Any good recipes out there?
We take over at the crag. Just look at all the stuff and this is pretty mild because it is early in the day. We are all excited for Fall climbing after this Fall-like weekend.
3. Dirt King is Back! Without a mirror, Lucas has no idea just how nasty his face is. I showed him a photo on the camera and he thought it was cool to make dirty, scary faces. Kind of gross but what fun and boys will be boys!
4. We've been going to John Bryan State Park to ride bikes and hike. The other evening we had a little friend come over looking for a handout. Sorry little guy, no pita chips for you but thanks for the photos.
5. Yesterday, it was back to the climbing gym. Axel took a little nap so we all were able to get in a little climbing. After nap, he was after his favorite water bottle. Determined to do something?! He's so funny when he wants something so bad and once he gets it, he has no idea what to do with it.
6. Lucas has really been into guitars (Uncle Mark should be proud). All he wants for his birthday this year is a guitar and a microphone stand. His birthday is still 26 days away so we made a homemade one yesterday. I'm pretty proud of my sweet design. :)

Notice Lucas in the photo? My new trick is to tell him I don't want to take a photo of him. HA! Got him!
I caught him here just before he covered his face. I'm getting pretty good if I don't say so myself.
7. After learning all about eating with Daddy and Lucas, it was Axel's turn to try. The bib was a HUGE distraction so we tried a little rice cereal without it. He loved it and did great with the spoon.
He took over the spoon in a hurry and wouldn't let it go. So fun and so messy. I guess it's time for the high chair.
8. I get to start a new book for book club called: The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. Axel is trying to eat it and just face planted on top of it...oops...this sitting up stuff is hard work.

9. Please take a moment to say a prayer or send positive thoughts for Ally. You can see her story here. She lives in Dayton and this strong little girl will touch your heart. Janel, her Mom, updates their blog daily. Here's a little about Ally's story:

"Our daughter has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, otherwise known as ALL. This blog exists to keep our friends and family informed throughout Ally's journey. She will beat it and come out on the other side as a survivor." -Janel

10. Rain, rain, rain and more rain. It's been a wonderful rainy day today. The high is 69 and the rain has been coming down all day. I have the windows open and absolutely love the fresh air and smell of rain we've been needing. What a marvelous July day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Check It Out

Happy Monday. I only have a minute but wanted to share a few links with you. I helped my friend, Susie, prepare a little mini-tutorial on how to make the birthday countdown. Click here to see it.

Here are some recent youtube videos of the boys too.



Have a great day.
Love, Janelle

Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Countdown

Lucas' birthday countdown has officially started. In one month, he'll be FOUR!!!! I can't believe it! Here are some close ups of my recent countdown project. The "Birthday Countdown" and "Lucas" label along with the little airplane are all magnetic and can be changed out.

Axel, you're next. :)

Thank you Susie!


Axel has been working hard to learn to sit on his own. He still has a ways to go but has learned to prop himself up by using his hands. He loves the new view too.
However, he'll fold right in half if we let him. Here he is trying to eat a play vacuum part...so tasty...so determined!
Training can be frustrating too. This is his face after trying to eat the play vacuum. It just wouldn't fit in his mouth and he was MAD!
After all his training, he decided to sit back and watch Le Tour de France. This is his favorite way of doing so and loves all the bike motion.
He loves Lance Armstrong too!
Okay, watching Lance and the riders made him feel lazy so it was time to do some sit-ups. Training those abs!
He's quite the talker now (Jakulewicz for sure) :) and has learned to blow raspberries. He thinks his tongue is pretty cool too. Camera flash surprise.
And smiling of course. What a handsome baby!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

The Danger Zone needed a little update to include not only LUCAS DANGER, but also his little brother...AXEL ADVENTURE!

Welcome to our family blog now known as:

DANGER and ADVENTURE Around Every Corner!!