Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I don't know why I haven't jumped on the Ten on Tuesday (ToT) band wagon yet. I always love to read other bloggers who post ToT. It's a wonderful way to catch up on over due topics. So, here it is, our very first ToT. Hope you enjoy!

1. In between all our crazy trips we head to King's Island. It's an amusement/water park located about 45 minutes away from our home. We bought season passes and have had so much fun taking the boys. There are a million rides for Lucas whose favorite is still the roller coasters. Mike & I have even been getting brave and riding all the big scary rides. I did the Drop Tower last time and about crapped my pants. :)
2. Axel is only a few pounds away from out growing his "baby" car seat. I found a great sale at Amazon.com on this Britax Roundabout so we took the plunge. Here Lucas is teaching Axel all the ends and outs of how the new seat works.
3. There is an amazing children museum in Columbus, OH called COSI which stands for Center of Science & Industry. It is a multi-level building filled with all sorts of fun things to see and do. We had a blast. Lucas loved the Gravitron ride which spins around and around until the floor falls out below you. I let Daddy have to honor of taking him on this one. I would have been way too dizzy or sick if I had gone.

Lost Egypt Exhibit
Kids Space. Here's our helicopter pilot reenacting Daddy's rescue when he broke his back. I guess traumatic events have a way of imprinting ones mind. Luckily, Lucas has fun memories of the whole thing...like helicopters!
Gadgit Room. Playing with the magnetic gears.

4. Lucas has become very camera shy. It's actually not shyness, it's his way of having some control. We continue to use our trick tactics to get some shots. Here he is trying to hide behind the spoon. We made red velvet cake for the 4th of July.

5. Mike's parents bought Lucas a Car Bingo game during their last visit. Lucas thinks it's ridiculous to have to wait to see something. Why not just move all the little red doors over at the same time, then you're all done. It's not a hit with Lucas but Mommy and Daddy are addicted. We've had some mean competitions lately. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa A. :)

6. Flash cards are big in our house. We've recently graduated from the ABC's and 123's to Word Families and Beginning Words. Lucas is addicted and it's so fun to see him start to realize that letters are used to make words. He likes to try to make his own words with his refrigerator letters and ask me what words he made. His most creative one yet: QWUIOAE. Hmmmm....he knows that vowels are used to "glue" words together but it looks like we still have a ways to go. :)

7. For the 4th of July, we drove to Union, WV to visit some friends but the details will be posted later this week. On our way, we stopped by the New River Gorge National Park to get our Passport Books stamped. The NRG is also a wonderful climbing area but the rain kept us from the rock. Beautiful country for sure. Here is the 2nd highest bridge in America.
8. Our dear friend, Kristina, has moved to Greenland for one year. Boy, we sure miss her but happy that she's doing well on her new adventures. She had a bouncy castle at her going away that was so much fun. What a great way to wear out a 3 year old.
9. Home Depot offers free kids projects on the first Saturday of every month. Very rarely are we home on a Saturday but we did catch the Father's Day project early June. We then headed to the Strawberry Festival in Troy, Oh. Festivals sound fun, however, they are usually extremely hot, super packed and take lots of patience. Last year, we were ambitious and went to the Sweet Corn Festival and the Popcorn Festival and then we learned that they are all about the same. This year we will limit ourselves to just one to keep them halfway fun.

10. Axel will be five months old this week. He's been working hard on sitting with support, baby talking, sucking on his fingers, watching Lucas, beating Daddy at starring contests, and getting as many fat rolls as possible. A few other things; he's very ticklish, loves to play "super baby", is eager to start eating but has no teeth yet. Don't worry, we'll be starting rice cereal soon. Axel is also getting those long eye lashes us Moms always wished we had!

I love his hands and love it even more when he holds my finger. Check out those thighs!
Big boy and his Daddy...and Lucas in the background getting into something.
Oh the fingers...so tasty!
That wraps up our first ToT. I know, it was a little long but I couldn't help myself. :)

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Susie said...

Yay for ten on Tuesday! And I think we're going to be taking a trip to COSI soon- it looks awesome! A nice break from Boonshoft!!

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