Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twelve T's on Tuesday

Changing it up a bit. Hope your week is going well.

1. Trooper: We went on a family bike/stroller ride last week. Lucas and Mike were on bikes, Axel in the stroller and Mommy in her running shoes. We went from Eastwood Metro Park to River Scape Metro Park for a total of 3 miles. This is pretty big deal for a little-big boy who has to pedal about 4 times as much as his Daddy. What a trooper, Lucas did a great job. After our ride, Mike went back and picked us all up in the car. We'll have to work up to the full 6 mile round trip but for now, this was perfect.

2. Toes & Trader Joe's: Every lady we saw today at Trader Joe's commented on Axel's cute little toes. He was sitting in our umbrella stroller showing off his ten adorable (edible) toes. Mmmm...I could just gobble them up.

Here are those toes.
Happy boy!
3. Testosterone: Lucas must have recently had a testosterone surge because we've seen a big difference in his behavior. I hear this happens to boys around 4 years old. He has been noticeably more aggressive and talks about violent things and gets so frustrated that anger radiates from his face. We've seen more meltdowns in the past few months then we saw his whole 2 and 3 years life. On the flip side, he has been more loving and compassionate when his hormones aren't raging.

4. Treats: Lucas knows the Ice Cream Truck as The Music Truck and was pretty content hearing it's happy tune. However, yesterday he discovered that The Music Truck also has treats like ice cream. Despite our tactics, he's a quick learner. :)

5. Twenty: The countdown continues and my baby will be FOUR in 20 days!

He even looks older, what's a mom to do?!
6. Telling stories: Lucas could tell stories for hours. Most of them resemble stories Mike or I have told but his go on and on and on. "And then...." I love it. It reminds me of my brother, Micah, when we were young doing the same thing.

7. Tomatoes: Is there really anything better than fresh summer tomatoes dusted with a little salt? I can't wait for ours to ripen!

8. Tootin' Toddlers: Okay, it's really Rootin' Tootin' Toddlers but I needed a "T". Lucas starts his swim class next week at Kettering Rec Center. I think Mike and I are more excited than he is. It's a four week class and Daddy will be joining him in the fun.

9. Teetering: This word best describes Axel while he sits and plays. It's amazing how quickly babies learn new things. He is getting good at sitting but a spotter is definitely needed. Axel is learning all about the new world of toys. So many to taste, so little time.

Good catch Axel!
Oh yes, we LOVE to stand too and talk all about the neat things he sees.
10.Teething: Quite possible.
11. Together: I love my family. Axel is such a wonderful addition and Lucas has taken on the role of a great big brother. I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home and watch these boys grow in front of my eyes. Mike, thank you too for being such a wonderful Daddy and loving husband. We missed you last weekend but are so happy you had such a great trip.

12. Tired: Netflix and blogging will do this to you. :) Good Night.


Susie said...

I'm tired, too. This is what netflix and blogging goes to you the morning after. Night Owl screws Morning Susie.

2 Points if you know the quote.

Lisa Brake said...

You're correct about that testosterone surge around the age of 4. My son had that too and I was really concerned that my sweet, innocent boy seemed to have mood swings all of a sudden. It's totally normal and you can be sure Lucas is still your sweet boy! Glad you're enjoying your precious family.

Amy said...

You guys have been so busy!! I love reading your blog, but it makes me sad that we can't hang out. You always do the best stuff and your boys are so awesome. I'm holding out hope that our AF paths will cross again and we can actually see each other often!

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