Friday, August 6, 2010

(26 July - 5 August)

- Drive 12 hrs to the Adirondacks in New York
- Hike 15 miles RT to the top of Mt. Marcy, New York's High Point
(Lucas hike 7 miles by himself)
- Check out Lake Placid
- Drive to North Conway, New Hampshire
- Check out Cathedral Ledge climbing area
- Go wading at Diana's Bath
- Summit Mt. Washington, New Hampshire's High Point
-- Daddy hikes 4 miles to the top
-- Drive to Maine to say we did it :)
-- Mommy drives to the top with kiddos (bad weather)
-- Rock climb at Cathedral Ledge
- Drive to Smuggler's Notch, Vermont
- Hike 4.2 miles RT to the top of Vermont, Mt. Mansfield
(Lucas hiked this all by himself)
- Check out Smuggler's Notch Bouldering Area
- Drive to Burlington, VT and check out downtown area
- Go bouldering at Smugglers Notch
- Drive to Ottawa, Canada
- Drive to Algonquin Park, Canada
-- Do a handful of short day hikes
- Drive to Toronto, Canada
- Daddy speaks at AIAA conference
- Mommy & kiddos have lots of pool time
- Check out waterfront at Queens Quay
- More conference seminars for Daddy
- Trip to Niagara Falls
- Climbing at Boulderz Rock Gym
- Pool time
- Conference for Daddy
- Mommy & kiddos head to Old Town Toronto to see St. Lawrence Market
- Take a ferry to Centerville on the Toronto Islands to see Lake Ontario
- Drive home with a 2 hr boarder crossing
- Family bike ride
- Movie night: Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
- Sleep in our own beds!

When I down loaded my photos, I realized that I didn't do a great job capturing the feel of each place we visited. My excuse, a sad little Axel. He came down with some sort of belly issue which made him grumpy for the first part of the trip. Luckily, he didn't mind hanging out in the backpack and slept a bunch during the day. The nights were a little rough so we had a tired Mommy. One who forgot the camera on our big 15 mile hike day. We did meet a nice lady who might email some photos to us soon.

So, our photos begin with our ferry ride across Lake Champlain heading from New York to Vermont.
Cathedral Ledge from the kiddos perspective.
Drive up Mt. Washington
Our grumpy little man.View before entering the clouds.
The weather which prevented the rest of the family from hiking.
Above tree line.
We were in a cloud!
Stairway to heaven or at least that's what it looked like!
We were off to find the top!
Yes, we were still a little grumpy and I'm sure the cold didn't help much. He did gain some energy to tear through the gift shop like a little Tasmanian devil.
Once we found Daddy, we headed to the summit.
It was COLD!!! It was WINDY!! We were glad we had a car!
Daddy too!
More Anderson Adventures to come!


Carolyn said...

I am tired just from reading your


Susie said...

I SO want to drive to Maine to say I did it, too! Love catching up on your crazy adventures, j!

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