Saturday, February 14, 2009

Before Mommy Forgets

We took these photos before Lucas officially became a big brother and I wanted to get them on the blog before we forgot. They're just too cute not to post!

We took Lucas to the climbing gym just before Grandma Anderson arrived. Coming up with things the whole family could do was a little challenging before Axel decided to join us. Gym climbing was perfect and Lucas had a ball using all his very own climbing gear.

Here Lucas is getting ready to head up to the wall and Mommy is ready for baby brother to come!
Here he goes. Up, up, up and away!
Even a little photo posing...takes after his Daddy and Uncle Mark. :)
Here Lucas is lowering down to the ground..."Mommy, down please?!"
Can you tell, HE LOVES TO CLIMB!!!
We even like to boulder with Daddy and must try the hard ones too.
The next day we had to get ready for Grandma A to come visit. Here birthday was on February 7th so we had a great excuse for another birthday celebration.

Lucas is a pro at this...
Frosting is a must...oh, and sprinkles too, a whole bottle of them. :) And, a little tasting if you can see it all over his face!
The final product, all personally decorated by Lucas himself!


Amy said...

It's so cool to introduce our kids to the stuff we love. And it's even cooler to see them have the same love for it! Lucas looks sure to follow in Mommy & Daddy's footsteps, as I'm sure Axel will be, too. He'll be doing it in no time, trying to keep up with his big bro!

Brake Family Blog said...

You're going to have so much fun when both your boys are able to climb with you. And I'm sure they'll be the only Lucas Danger and Axel Adventure out there!
- Lisa

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