Monday, February 2, 2009

1 Day To Go

Take a look at my baby countdown and it says ONE DAY! Yep, one day until my official due date. However, I would be surprised if the little man decides to come out on time. He seems pretty content in there. I don't blame him, it's still pretty cold in Ohio these days.

Lucas is doing well and full of energy. With ice and snow on the ground it's been a bigger challenge for us to drain up excess energy during the day. Lucas is getting good at doing laps around our house which helps but we will be happy for Spring and our long hikes again.

I thought it would be fun to document what Lucas is into these days right before his brother arrives. So, here's a few things I can think of right now...

- PBS's Caillou is still a huge hit and really the only thing he cares to watch on TV. We're not complaining because it's pretty wholesome and teaches him things about life and having a sibling. He would watch it all day if we let him. He recently figured out how to use the PAUSE button on the DVD remote. Some days, a 20 minute Caillou turns into an hour production because he pushes pause so many times. He gives us play-by-play account of what Caillou and his family and friends are doing.

- He has been really into imagination and pretend play. He's content playing by himself more these days which is fun to watch. He loves all airplanes especially flying his Transformer airplane around shooting bad guys. He's our home doctor, Doctor Lucas, and uses his doctors kit to make sure we are all healthy. He's also into starting pretend fires and putting them out with his fire truck. I took a small box and cut out a door and windows. I then stuffed it full of red tissue paper so it makes perfect flames for his fire truck to come put out. It's always those simple homemade toys that go the furthest.

- He loves having Mommy or Daddy join in during his playtime. However, he likes to dictate "how" we play and likes to run the show. No room for Mommy & Daddy's ideas if they don't match his expectations.

- Loves to make a mess and then tell us, "It's too hard to pick it up." Little stinker!

- He is learning to identify all his lower case letters. These are a little tricky compared to the upper case ones.

- He can almost count to 20. The "teens" get a little confusing and sound the same to him I'm sure. We were playing hide-n-seek and this was Lucas counting the other night..."One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fifteen, eighteen, Saturday....Ready or not, here I come!" Too fun and hard to correct when it's sooo darn cute!

- Loves playing cards and his favorites are Go Fish, Old Maid and Slap Jack. He gets really distracted by Slap Jack and just wants to have all the Jacks in his pile. We recently looked at the deck and he has hidden more than half the Jacks somewhere. He knows that if you have the Jacks and slap first you win. I guess hiding them means no one else can win.

- He likes the Memory game but gets obsessed about finding the match to the first card he turns over. He'll over look other matches just to find that one card.

- He is very particular when it comes to things. If you do it one way one time, that's how it goes each time and it's a huge deal if things don't follow those rules. Many times a 3 year old fit are the result.

- He loves to sleep in his clothes which is fine with us. We are just glad to be totally potty trained.

- Still loves books, piles and piles of them. They are a must throughout the day and repeating his favorites is the best. Whenever we read a new book, he'll ask numerous questions about what is happening on each page. He's very in tuned with and concerned with emotions and expressions on the characters faces. We have to discuss what each one is feeling and why they have the expression that they do. He'll ask, "What is his face saying?" which is always followed by, "WHY?"

- He loves the carpet steamer vacuum and is a big helper to get it all set up. I use our Shaklee non-toxic Basic H2 so he can help with all aspects. Today he got to dump out all the dirty water in the toilet and this is what I heard coming from the bathroom..."Oh-oh, M-O-M-M-Y! I spilled a little on the floor!" A "little" would have been nice, it was all over but he quickly got his towel to help clean up. "It's okay if you spill Mommy, as long as we pick it's just a little spill."

- Playing TACKLE with Daddy is a big hit too. It can be played with a football, basketball or balloon. Some times it's called "Take Out!"

- Cutting with scissors and using as much glue as possible to glue his cut shapes on construction paper is so much fun. There is no holding him back with the glue and of course, he's in charge (I'm the one who...) always comes into play.

- He already has about 1o things on his Christmas list for Santa next year. Anytime he sees something he likes, he asks if we can put it on Santa's List. It's actually quiet nice, there are no fights or argueements...he just wants to make sure it goes on the list. I can do that. :)

- Anything grown up or used by adults that he finds interesting i.e. snow blowers, snow makers, snow plows, etc. he wants a TOY one, just his size. And yes, these things are on his Santa List too.

- He wants to be as "Big as Uncle Micah" and he's sure that his world will be complete as soon as he's that big. We hear it daily..."When I'm as big as Uncle Micah, I'm going to use sharp a REAL snowplow... jump really, really a a really fast jet pilot and shoot bad guys." "Mommy, why do we shoot bad guys?" Oh, the questions keep coming but then again, I would want it no other way.

- He's been pretending to be back in Mommy's belly. He'll get under the blankets on the couch and tell us he's in my belly again and getting ready to come out in 8 weeks, 30 seconds, 5 minutes or whatever he thinks of. (I understand, TIME is confusing especially for a three year old). He then askes if it's been 8 weeks yet and then he "pops" out on the floor and starts to pretend cry until we give him his pretend bottle. Then we start over and do again and again and again.

Too much fun, we love this kid!

Such a big boy and what a super big brother he'll be.


bleepoff said...
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Brake Family Blog said...

Hi Janelle. Does Lucas have the "Big Brother Caillou" DVD? If not that might be a good "big brother" gift to him to help him understand that he is so important as Mommy's helper and as a big brother. Good luck with your impending blessed event. I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby and to find out his name!

Amy said...

Oh, I love your list! It's so fun to read what he's doing now and you'll be glad you documented it all. I look back at Hayden's old lists (like at 8 months) and I barely remember what he was like then. It also makes it feel less like it's been nearly 6 months since we've seen you guys!

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