Monday, December 17, 2007

What to do in the COLD?!

What else would we do in the cold besides go out in the cold?! It's been below freezing until yesterday when it reached a whopping 32 degrees. It was a beautiful sunny day so we called up some friends and went climbing. Daddy had to work Dorm Patrol from 6pm Saturday night to 6am Sunday morning so we let him sleep in until 10am. Lucas and I bundled up and went to breakfast...trying to keep a two year old quiet in a house while Daddy is sleeping is nearly impossible. At 10am we met our friends and headed for the climbing crag. The approach was full of snow and a little tricky here and there but it was amazing up at the cliff. The sun was beating down and we were able to wear T-shirts and get a little sunshine. What a wonderful treat after a week in the ice box.

How did we did survive the ice box temperatures? Lots of movies for Mommy and Daddy and fun activities for Lucas. We bundled up in all our best cold weather gear and went sledding in the front yard. As you can tell from the photos, we need to purchase a real sled, however, this plastic sheet worked really well. We also made a Marshmallow Shooter out of an old wrapping paper role. It took Mommy a few tries to make it so Lucas could load it and shoot it by himself. The end result...a super happy boy and a real Marshmallow “Plopper”. It doesn't shoot anywhere but it sure is fun to load and push the marshmallows out. I figure when he gets older he'll learn all about potato gun shooters and real propulsion. We don't need to rush that!

Lucas’ favorite indoor activity is counting to three and saying “GO”, then running all the way down the hallway, jumping into the exercise ball so he roles over it and on to a big pile of pillows. It is great exercise and one easy way to wear out a two year old!

It's Grandpa's real birthday today and he is actually in Colorado Springs for business so we get to have dinner with him. We are all excited to see him and sad Grandma can’t join us. We'll see you soon Grandma.

Last photo...Lucas enjoying Grandpa's Excellent Ribs!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love, Janelle, Mike & Lucas

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Amy said...

How clever you are with your marshmallow shooter!

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