Thursday, March 6, 2008

Exciting Day!

Yesterday was another snowy winter day but we made the most of it...reading extra books, building cool houses with Lincoln Logs and playing with our NEW SPONGEBOB SNOWCONE MAKER! Yep, Aunt Christina sent him one and it was a hit. We made snowcones before naptime and Lucas was freezing (notice the hood?) but determined to eat it all. After nap we had dinner and then soft-serve ice cream made by SpongeBob. Everything was very tasty and Lucas is eager to call his Aunt Christina to say THANK YOU!

After a late nap and dinner, daddy had a big surprise for us. We drove through the snow up to the Cadet Field House at the Academy. Some of his students were doing test flights on their model airplanes so there was lots of excitement...loud, fast airplanes and tons of cool crashes! Lucas was in heaven! We even brought one of our own planes to fly to join in on the fun.

Lucas watched in amazement and half fear of getting hit by one but the night was free of the people at least. The airplane took a beating.

After most every flight we had a little repair gaggle...

The Cadets were very nice and showed Lucas how everything worked. They even let him hold the remote and the smaller "fast jet." It was so much fun and we had a super late bed time but it was worth every minute.


Michelle Lieven said...

I might have to come over for a snow cone or soft serve after work some morning :) Or I'm sure Lucas would love to make me a blender drink!

The blog site is awesom Janelle!

Janelle said...

Oh yes, blender drinks are always in order in this house...especially for guests!

The Hendricks Family said...

That little guy and his airplanes, I wonder why???

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