Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More to See in Georgia! (Part 4)

Big tractors!!

We took a trip to the local Peach Tree Orchard in Warner Robins. Peaches were not in season but they had the most delicious oranges and tangerines from Florida I've ever had. Soooo tasty! They also had very cool tractors outside in a play area. Lucas was amazed and wanted to know what each knob and lever did. He also had to know about the lights and where the gas and oil went. I had to make up a few things along the way as soon as I discovered my tractor knowledge was a little limited. Daddy was in class and could not chip in during the discussion or shall I call it...the question and answer session.
Another big tractor and if you look close...you can see Lucas standing in the seat.
One afternoon we all headed to Ocmulgee Nat'l Monument for more stamps in our Passport Book. Grandma J, we were thinking of you! Here is a photo of Lucas, Sydney, Sara and Logan. Lucas standing at the entrance to one of the Indian ruins. There was no hesitation to go inside and find out what it was all about!

Inside the ruins...makes you happy to have a house! It was a great day filled with lots of exploring...

running and hiking...
showing off for the ladies...
who are showing off for the camera...diva girls!...

and time for Mommy to realize we were still a mile or so away from the parking lot which closed 5 minutes earlier. Yep, we got a warning ticket because we ended up being 40 minutes late after our big hike through the park. It was worth it!

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