Monday, May 12, 2008

Where is May Going?!

Mommy & Kate showing Lucas what baseball is all about!

I can't believe it's May...almost mid-May!! Where do the days go?

May is a big month for our family. Lot's of Birthdays! Mike, Mark and my brother Eric have their birthday on Cinco de Mayo. Des celebrates her birthday on May 7th. Mommy's birthday is May 18th and a whole bunch more I'm sure I'm forgetting. I also get an extra special day in there...Mother's Day! What a fun month!

We took Lucas, Uncle Mark, Aunt Kate, Daddy and Mommy to a Rockies Baseball Game on Daddy's birthday. It was Lucas' first time to go to a real baseball stadium and he was very intrigued and wondered what was going on down where the baseball players were. We had to explain everything to him and walk around to get some better views of the players.

We had a great time and Lucas ran all over the stadium. He even got to go to the very "tippy-top" with Daddy and Uncle Mark. We had pre-game beer and birthday cake in the parking lot and hot dogs for dinner! Too bad Daddy was the only one to remember to use the camera and missed out getting his photo taken on his birthday. Sorry Daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'re as old as Mommy now...the big 31!
Oops...daddy's forgot to get in the photo and Lucas was trying to hide.
Baseball Player Lucas Anderson!
Baseball Player Uncle Mark!

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