Monday, February 3, 2014

Something Special

Due to our camera trouble last month, we missed getting photos of this very special gift.  Both boys decided to make Dad an advent style calendar he could use in the New Year. They both contributed reasons why they felt Dad was special (24 total). Mom typed them out while they decorated the calendar. We cut out the reasons and put one in each window. The windows were made with cut up toilet paper rolls and tissue paper. It was awesome to watch them work so hard on a sweet project together. It was going to be a complete surprise for Dad!
 You can see one of the papers Dad got which states, "Dad, you are special let us build forts in the house and help pick them up." As you can see, he's opened a few already making him smile every time.
Each and every window has it's own very special message for a very special Dad! Daddy was touched to say-the-least. It made his heart smile and was one of his most favorite gifts ever.

Great job guys! You did awesome.

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