Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Trip to Oregon -- Wedding Time

Our new house!
When June came around, our house was still under construction but getting closer by the day! We had a trip to Oregon planned to attend Uncle Bill's graduation, Army commissioning and wedding all in the same weekend. We packed up the car and headed further west!  Sonora Grill, our favorite Mexican restaurant, is right on the way to Oregon! Any excuse to go through Ogden, UT to hit up Sonora is a wonderful thing!
The Guac Trio was awesome! Bacon - blue cheese. Grapefruit - almond - morita. Pineapple - cucumber- pepitas. DELISH!
After a long haul across Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon we made it to Bend! We headed straight to Smith Rock for a little climbing and of course, a hike to the monkey. This time, however, we discovered a new face in the monkey. Not sure what it is but we really liked his nose!

Mike is in the blue shirt with Axel checking out the Monkey Face.

Early morning climbing to beat the Smith Rock summer heat
Uncle Bill and Aunt Rosie had a dessert wedding which was awesome. We did all go home with belly aches but it was totally worth it. The chocolate fountain was a huge hit!!


Father's Day also happened while in Oregon. Here the boys are sharing their homemade lock-n-key cards with their awesome Dad!

After the crazy busy weekend of  Uncle Bill festivities, we headed back over to Bend to stay in a condo on Black Butte Ranch. It was gorgeous and most of the extended family was able to join so we had cousins galore! We biked, hiked, played tennis, swam, climbed, etc. all right from our condo!

Black Butte Ranch is gorgeous and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. I have condo photos hiding somewhere? Probably along with the wedding photos...

Here are some views I had during my solo bike ride at the ranch!

Black Butte

Mt. Jefferson

Mt. Washington
Before we knew it, we were back in the car headed home. We decided to take a little detour up to Lander, WY and stopped at the Tetons for a few hours. We tortured the boys and made them hike up Mt. Glory to get a really cool view of the Tetons from the South looking North. The tortured boys had a blast!!!
Beautiful Mountains = Happy Daddy

Long car ride = Crazy Kids

So incredible!!

My Axel Man

Mr. Lucas
This crew was ready to see our new house and get moved in.

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