Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Sun

We've had a pretty good run of sun this past week or so. Last weekend was absolutely beautiful so we spent two days at the Red River Gorge. We had friends join us at our cabin and what a treat it was to climb outside in the sun! No photos...the camera made the trip but the battery did not. :)

We did get some photos around the house.
Grandma, here's another birthday outfit you sponsored! :)
I love his eye lashes...he got those from his Daddy and big brother...lucky dog!
Check out this bed head and the face?! That's usually what I get when I try to take a photo of Lucas...a random, silly face. Think he needs a haircut yet?
This week we tried to enjoy more of the sun and headed to Carriage Hill Metro Park. This is one of Lucas' favorite because of the old farm candy store. Axel now knows all about the candy store and he too is a big fan! Before heading to the store, we went for a hike to burn off some energy.

I just love this photo...friends just hanging out on the swing. You can see that spring has not sprung yet. The park is still pretty gray and no new leaves. The mud level is up high too with all the recent snow melt but that didn't stop us from hiking or swinging.
Vera, Lucas & Gareth.

Axel & Mommy
Finally too the candy store. Lucas picked out a pixie stick and Axel loves lollipops!
Who knew pixie sticks were so tricky when you're four years old?
Axel's just so proud to be one of the big kids!
Here is my dear friend Katie with Vera and Gareth. The clouds started to move in, rain is on the way but what a wonderful change from cold, freezing, snowy days. Thank you Sun!

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