Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coolin' Off

We've busted out the slip-n-slide numerous times this summer and it usually ends up as a streak-n-slide before too long.
The little pool has been perfect too because it gets super warm. It's our hot tub after sliding.
Axel is all ready to dive in!
Don't worry, no diving allowed...just big baby steps and lots of splashing.
This has been known to happen a time or two and usually gets some chuckles from the neighbors.
Extra slippery slip-n-slide! :)
The hot tub put to good use!Axel taking it all in.
I love summer days!

Little update: Between travels, we spend our days staying cool after morning exercise with sprinklers, the pool and obviously, the slip-n-slide. The farmer's market has been in our weekly plans and supplements our CSA Happy Box perfectly.

Oh, I can't forget to mention that most of our days also consist of various Star Wars pretend time. Lucas is still completely enamored with Star Wars and has even invented his own character named, Asje (pronounced As-jay), which comes from him typing the letters A-S-J-E and asking what he spelled? Asje is the most powerful Jedi ever!!

Axel spends his days trying to keep up with Lucas and getting into EVERYTHING! He's a climber so we have to watch him so he doesn't scale the book cases. He's a stinker for sure but a cute one!

Hope your having a wonderful summer!

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Carolyn said...

We love naked Slip and Slide!!

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