Monday, July 19, 2010

One Big Weekend

Yes, we had one big weekend right here at home! It was nice not to drive anywhere too far. :)

Friday night sparklers!
Saturday morning run/bike ride at our secret shady tree tunnel about 5 minutes from our house.
We had to test out our new bike! No more 12" bike for Mr. Lucas...16" is what is cool these days. Mommy has to work much harder on her runs now. Lucas is super FAST!!!
Bowling birthday party for Lucas' friend, Jackson.
Mommy even spend a few hours at the farm picking these beauties!
12 cups of blackberry jam along with 4 1-gallon bags full of frozen berries now living in our freezer! I'm addicted to pick-ur-own fruit!
Sunday was reserved for the Dayton Air Show. We missed it last year and were really glad we were able to see it this year. It's a great show! We were armed with sunscreen, frozen lemonade & water bottles (highly recommended), folding chairs, blankets, snacks and a bunch of airplanes!
Our friends, Heidi & Eric, are C-17 pilots so Lucas is there number one fan! He loves the C-17!
Here we watched it back up to get ready for it's part in the show. It was LOUD!
C-17 flying.
Heidi, Mommy & Axel.
Lucas & Nancy (Heidi's Mom)...notice Lucas' shirt? Yep, C-17 shirt from Heidi & Eric.
Blue Angels...Awesome Show!!!
Then to Heidi's house for a surprise birthday party. Happy Birthday Heidi!
Big helper.
We were soooo TIRED last night so it's a slow Monday morning for sure. We all had a great weekend!


Carolyn said...

look at you making your own Jam! Good for you!!

Janelle Anderson said...

I's freezer jam! You'll be getting about 50 phone calls when I really make real jam! :)

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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