Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Lucas was SO excited about Halloween this year (okay, every year he is SO excited)! He wanted to be Boba Fett from Star Wars for months until he saw the GI Joe "Snake Eyes" costume. A new love was born!
I picked up this adorable Lobster aka "Losper" costume for Axel which he liked for about 2 seconds. Oh, did I mention it was $2.99 at the Goodwill...I love the Goodwill!
Then, I got this face followed by tears. It didn't help that it really was too small for him and probably very uncomfortable. Needless-to-say, we didn't force our little "Losper" to be a "Losper" and let him put on the old Yoda standby. Anyone need a Lobster costume for next year? Ohio is funny about Halloween. If it falls on a Friday or a Sunday, it is rescheduled on a Thursday or Saturday depending on the city's choice. This worked to our advantage because we were headed to Washington DC on Friday night and had no idea what the Trick-or-Treating scene would be while gone. We scanned the schedule and found some Thursday night Trick-or-Treating in Tipp City, OH about 20 miles away. It was perfect!
Most people just sit outside to hand out candy and some even have heaters and bonfires which is always a bonus.
Lucas did not stop the entire time. He literally ran from house to house and Daddy could barely keep up. Axel and Mommy took the more mellow method walking and riding in the stroller. After the first few pieces of candy, Axel's hands were full and he was NOT going to let go of any of it. I'm pretty sure he wanted to keep his eye on his candy because who knows what really happens to it once if falls deep into that candy bag. Smart boy!
Lucas loved when he got to pick his own. He even remembered to say Thank You most of the time...with a little reminder here and there...and here and there. :)Axel's little hands were so cold but there was no letting go!
He quickly caught on to the whole concept of Trick-or-Treating and is a true fan.My boys!
Watching Lucas....always watching Lucas.After one hour of non-stop running Lucas was pooped! He finally asked if he could be all done and get a ride in the stroller back to the car. His candy bucket was filled and heavy and it was time to check out his goodies.
The goodies were good!
Really good!
The next morning was Lucas' Halloween party at school which was adorable. They had about 7 stations full of activities and lots of tasty treats. We took in a brain watermelon and some spooky carrot eyes along with some bone shaped bread sticks. It was so fun!
Lucas watching the parade.
The can see the bone in the lower right hand corner.
Cookie decorating.
Even Axel got to participate. He was beyond happy being able to go to Lucas' school and stay to see what it was all about. What a big boy!
He wouldn't let the cookie out of his sight.
Until he found a cupcake!
What a great Halloween celebration!


Carolyn said...

We were looking for you guys. Love the costumes. Those Yoda ears kill me!

Laesergirl said...

Seems like you guys had a great time! I love seeing the little ones be enthralled by their big brothers!

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