Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Washington D.C. (Part one)

Two weekends ago, we headed to Washington D.C. to join the crowds at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear! It was nuts to-say-the-least but a fun adventure for the family. Even better, we were able to see some dear friends! Here is part one of our adventure!

It was about an 8-9 hour drive so we stopped a few times along the way to let the kids out. First stop was Coopers Rock, WV. We have been curious about climbing here and will definitely go back, it was beautiful!
Our second stop was to summit Pennsylvania's high point, Mt. Davis with an elevation of 3213.
Lucas felt no need to hike up the lookout tower in the freezing wind for a less-than stunning view. I think Axel wished he had a choice in the matter.
He opted for the rock! Smart boy!
On Saturday morning we headed to the metro station to hop a train to the Washington Mall along with the other 200,000 people. Here is the line just to get the tickets...which took Mike 1.5 hours to get through.
We had fun meeting people and staying occupied in the terminal.
Three hours later, we made it to the mall. We (me and the boys) finally shoved as hard as we could to push on to a train. Daddy didn't make it until three trains later when he finally shoved himself and the stroller on board. It was truly nuts!
Jesus was even there!
The one time in Lucas' life where he could scream as loud as he could for as long as he wanted and of course, he chose to pout in the stroller the entire time. This resulted in him taking a long nap while we enjoyed the chaos. He said he didn't like the screaming....go figure?!
More people! We could only get within three blocks of the stage.
After the rally, the crowds cleared quickly and we made our way to the stage!
We even found our friends, Chris & Sarah.Lucas was back to himself making friends and lovin' every minute of the evening.
It was something we were glad to take part in but something we would probably not do again with two kids. Although, Axel loved saying "Hi" to everyone which equated to a few thousand "Hi's" when the day was done.

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Laesergirl said...

My in-laws also attended this. They said it was CRAZY!!! Good for you guys! Way to represent!!

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