Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching Up

I'm finally finding a moment to update the blog which has definitely taken the back burner this past month. We have been busy climbing whenever the weather is decent. When the weather doesn't cooperate for climbing, we head outside and play in it!

Before I forget, Thanksgiving this year was spent at our cabin in Kentucky. Aunt Kate & Uncle Mark were able to join us and it was so much fun and so tasty! Uncle Mark is an expert turkey cooker and it was awesome!

Lucas made a cute Turkey decoration for our celebration. Mommy & Aunt Kate attempted to make name place markers for everyone but after 30 minutes of laughs and frustration, only two stood tall. Grandma J said that Martha Stewart made them in a flash....hmmmmm...Martha is an alien!

We had a wonderful dinner and time spent together.Sorry for the bad photos, Axel had changed the setting on the camera and I didn't pay any attention. Ooops!
Lucas loves crafts so we worked on an octopus made out of bendaroos (wax coated string). Can you see the extra toasty sweet potato marshmallows? Our new oven element works great!!!
Pumpkin pie was delish!
Axel making friends at the crag.
Axel "playing" the Wii.
We had lots of leftovers!
Lots of Uncle Mark time too!
Since Thanksgiving, we've made numerous trips to the cabin and recently discovered that Axel LOVES Cailluo!
Apparently, he also loves to wear his hot chocolate.
Lucas getting to know Peanut the pup.
Pauls new buddy!
This is what we woke up to one morning a few weekends ago...
It was beautiful but not great for climbing. We opted to drive home that day. :)
Axel is not so sure about snow. He thinks it's ridiculous that I was eating it and really would rather be inside. :)
He couldn't figure out why Mommy was out in it?!
When we are not at the cabin, we are home enjoying winter here. We've had a few good snow storms.
There's a smile...this was before going outside.
My big helper!
My other big helper!
And yes, he warmed up to the snow just a little.
The snowball fight definitely helped. :)
Happy Winter to you all!

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