Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Krit-mis-ree! Oh Krit-mis-ree...

They were on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.

Axel is IN LOVE with Christmas trees and points them out wherever we go. "Mommy, Krit-mis-rees!" he yells.Daddy was also on the hunt for a good looking tree at Young's Dairy Tree Farm. It actually snowed making our outing even more exciting and COLD!
The boys were in good spirits knowing that hot chocolate was waiting in the warming hut.
Axel thought the sled was a pretty sweet deal.
Once we found the perfect tree, both boys made sure Daddy knew exactly how to cut it down.
Nice work Daddy!
We did good!
The whole family...yes, it is Axel hiding under that that hat.
Daddy & Lucas racing back to the warming hut.
It took about 2 seconds for Axel to discover this...
A choo-choo train! Trains are his most favorite thing ever and he starred at it as long as we would let him !
Hot chocolate & popcorn for everyone.
Once we were home, we quickly got the tree up and put on the lights. Lucas was not impressed by how long this process took and decided that lights were not a good idea. However, he did love digging through the boxes of ornaments and decorations. Axel found a train and would not let go!
Lucas was on the search for his favorite ornament. A little tiny sugar bell I made in 3rd grade. I have no idea how it's survived so long but every year we find it hiding in a pile of paper towels. I have to put it at the top of the tree so no one decides to taste it! Here, Lucas is inspecting each and every ornament...super cute!
Lucas put the little angle on top of the tree.
We need a new angel or star, this one is pretty but doesn't give our beautiful tree justice. If you look closely, you can see the little white sugar bell hanging below the angel. It's about the size of a quarter.
Axel didn't want to miss out on what was going on at the top of the tree. However, he wasn't too excited to be up there and decided he should go find his train ornament.
It was so fun to see the boys get into the tree decorating so much. I remember doing this as a kid and it truly is magical. Our Krit-mis-ree makes our home so cozy and ready for Christmas. It makes my heart smile!

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Susie said...

All I see is that owl ornament and you know what Janelle, I'm so happy it's displayed on your sweet tree :) I feel like I'm right back at Book Club with my friends exchanging ornaments with you all. MiSs you, friend!

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