Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is the first Saturday we have been home for in months. It was super fun to spend the day with the boys. On Friday night, we picked up the movie Smurfs and had a popcorn and movie night. I even remembered to make cookie dough so it could sit in the fridge all night chilling.

When everyone woke up, we had pancakes and then the cookie making began.
Gingerbread! I used Bakerella's recipe and it turned out perfect. This was serious business for Axel.
Lucas is an old pro be he too takes it pretty serious.

We finally got to the really fun part of decorating.
And eating! Once Axel discovered how tasty the frosting was, that was the end to decorating.
As you can see, sprinkles are awesome!Lucas had a little gingerbread making factory, each one made with love.
We had to show off our final products.
Mommy's too! I've decided making gingerbread heads is WAY MORE FUN!
Cookies were not enough so we busted out the foam crafts from Michaels.
After a busy morning, we ate lunch and headed to the beach. It's cold by Florida standards (high 50's/low 60's) so the beach was ours!

The white stuff! We finally found our Florida snow and it's going to be a white Christmas.The ocean was so calm. It was my most favorite day at the beach so far.Yep, wet shoes and so much fun.Mini sand castles.Not bad for little jumpers!
Here is what the shore looks like, cute buildings.
After the beach we headed to the horse stables to enjoy some fun Christmas activities.
Feeding horses carrots.Horse rides for Lucas. Axel wanted nothing to do with the horses.
Axel visiting with Santa. Lucas wanted nothing to do with Santa and is pretty sure his letter will suffice.
We ended the evening with smores.
Last week, we even got our tree decorated. We got a small one because we will be in Disney World for a week during Christmas. He's cute but the room could use a 12 ft tree easily. :)
Tree decorating will be the next blog post!What a wonderful day!

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