Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another 5.14...Whoot!

We took another extended weekend trip to the cabin and had a wonderful time. It was our last trip to Kentucky, for the season, so we shut down the cabin and got her ready for a long, cold winter.

Mike had his best climbing weekend in history. He climbed another 5.14 called Transworld Depravity at the Motherlode crag. The same day he onsighted a 5.13a after reclimbing another 5.13a by mistake. They all kind of blend together. :) The next day climbing, he did a 5.13c and onsighted 2-5.13a's. Yes, I know this is Greek to many but to summarize, HE ROCKED IT!

Here's what the boys do while we climb...diggin' in the dirt, makin' snow flakes, drawin' and makin faces.
This is Axel's drawing of Thomas the Train. I LOVE THIS!!
This is pretty standard of Axel...always checking to see what Lucas is doing.

Cute?!?Here is my view of Daddy at the top of his climb.
Daddy is lowering off his route after he climbed it.
Happy Daddy! In shock Daddy?
There's a REAL smile! His accomplishment is starting to set in!!! Chocolate cake celebration is in order!
Daddy showing the boys the route and the reason for the chocolate cake celebration.
After moving to Florida, we had no idea how our season would go. Our training was different but proved effective for both of us. I'm just so happy for him and love to see him succeed at such a high level with something he is so passionate about.

Last time he climbed a 5.14, we did not get any photos of him actually climbing. This time, we were prepared. I climbed up a rope about 60 ft in the air and took a million shots of him climbing. The light was perfect and somehow I remembered how to use the "fancy" camera! I was so nervous to see the photos but I got some great ones that will be added to our collection.

Here are some unedited photos so you can have a little sneak peek.

CONGRATULATIONS MIKE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! The boys have been troopers and have adjusted to the LONG drive. I love these kids. They truly are amazing and I'm just so happy they are part of our family. I'm also so happy they put up with all our shenanigans! THANK YOU LUCAS & AXEL!

I think this is the first week we will be home more that 5 days in a row. The drive has taken it's toll on me and I'm just happy to be home. I've been super busy playing catch up around the house getting things cleaned, Christmas decorations up, doing a little shopping and doing all those little things that fall behind during climbing season. It's been a great season but it's coming to a close and I'm ready.

I'm ready for Christmas!

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