Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We headed back to our cabin for an extended stay. It cut out one round trip drive and Lucas only had to miss two days of school. Daddy was not so lucky, he had to make the trip back to work but it was a rainy week at The Red so he didn't miss anything. I'm sure he enjoyed the family-free quiet drive home too. :)

The first weekend was spent climbing and visiting friends. Some dear friends from Knoxville will be moving to Portland this December. We are not sad to see them go, only excited for them and us. Now we have more friends in Oregon to climb and visit with! We will miss seeing them at The Red but know we will catch them across the country.

Mike's sister, Christina and her family made the long journey to our cabin from Georgia. It was so fun to spend time with them. They have two little boys, Marcus (2) and Dominic (-1) so the cousins had a great time playing, fighting, screaming, laughing and getting DIRTY.

We climbed, hiked and eat a delicious turkey dinner. Our cabin is just so cozy and we love being there. We have moved the Wii to the upstairs for the boys so the rest of us can watch movies.

Dinner time. It was so good Shawn had to lick his plate!
Jason & Axel.Karissa & Axel.Karissa & Lucas. We will miss you guys!
The rain set in for three full days. There was so much moisture, you could see it in the air.Axel has a new look! He slipped at the park on a ladder...oops!
Fun with Cousin Marcus.
Wii Nook.
Rainy day designs!
Getting dirty.
Daddy & Uncle Eric getting ready to climb.Aunt Christina & Dominic.
Uncle Eric climbing.
Lucas climbing.
Found a ladybug.
Anther climb for Eric.
Shawn & Axel.
Waiting for Aunt Christina to climb.
Go Aunt Christina!
Turkey dinner!
Check out those eyes!
Daddy carving the turkey.
The boys even enjoyed our special dinner.
Oops, I got distracted and forgot to take photos of everyone at dinner. Sorry.

Daddy getting ready to climb. He is very close to getting another 5.14!
Mommy working on a 5.13...working is the key word. :)
Lucas is King!HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We love and miss you!

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