Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back to Kentucky!

Last weekend, we made our inaugural trip to our cabin in Kentucky all they way from Florida. Yep, it's a 10 1/2 hour drive with dinner & gas stops. However, on the way out it took me two days!

Mike had flown to Dayton for work so I drove the boys up to meet him at the cabin for a weekend of climbing. Halfway through our drive, we got a flat tire at the very same time Axel yacked all over the car. Simple enough to fix right?! Change a kid. Change a tire.

Part one was easy. Part two, turned out to be a 2 1/2 epic on the side of the road. Our special wheels require a special tool to remove the tire which was nowhere to be found. The spare requires different lug nuts assuming I could even get the flat tire off. Not so simple.

After wrong directions from roadside assistance to the mechanic, a crazy just-out-of-prison-wanted-by-the-police-for-killing-some-guy "Bama" gal, two round trips from the mechanic to find the right tool, we were on our way to spend the night with friends. The next day after a trip to the chiropractor to fix mommy's pinched nerve and four brand new sneakers on the car, we headed to the cabin.


Back at the Gold Coast. Daddy checking out another 5.14...such, a beautiful wall.

For whatever reason, the blog does not want this photo to be horizontal.
Everyone who thinks Lucas is just full of is a face from his not-so-sweet side. It's a wonderful indication that food is needed! :)
Axel's photos and another anti-horizontal photo.
They may make you dizzy but a pretty cool photos Lucas took.

Self portrait.

Daddy onsighting a 5.13b called Elephant Man.
Dirty and tired.
Back at the cozy cabin, we love it!Daddy scoping out his new 5.14 project.
Leapster time.
Halloween candy!
Despite the horrible trip to the cabin, we had a WONDERFUL weekend climbing and seeing old friends. It was so fun to climb on real routes and real rock! The boys got dirty, we got sore and all in all, we had a great time! It was even nicer to have Daddy with us on the way home!

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