Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun Run

Today Lucas ran over 2 miles during his school fun run to raise money for a mobile iPad lab. I was so proud of him. He was determined to run the maximum laps of 35 (each 1/16th of a mile) and he didn't stop until all his numbers were checked off on the back of his shirt. He made sure to wave to Mom each time he came around too. :)

We caught Lucas in the hallway before heading outside for the big event.
This was quite the production...tunnel, flags, speaker, music and a VERY enthusiastic crew.We spotted Bradon, one of Lucas' neighborhood buddies, while waiting for Lucas' team to run through the tunnel.
Exciting times!
Here comes Lucas! (far left)
He was pumped!
Axel was amused with all the excitement.
After the National Anthem, a safety briefing and quick stretches; they were off!
It was a little chaotic after the first lap trying to get his number marked off but the group quickly spread out.
Lucas waved each lap to make sure we were paying attention!
This was serious business.
Before we new it, he was on his last lap.Axel enjoyed the loud music and all the people. However, he discovered the cones and had way more fun than any of the runners were having.
Victory lap!
Axel and his cones.
Lucas was so proud of himself as he should be. He did AWESOME!
That's my boy! GREAT JOB LUCAS!!!!
Here's the proof!
A big THANK YOU too all you who supported Lucas run. I promise, we won't be asking for donations every time a fun raiser pops up. :) However, we do really appreciate your support this time around....and around....and around....35 times!

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Maile Fano said...

That is awesome!!! I wish they would do something like that here instead of selling cookie dough that makes people get fat!

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