Monday, August 20, 2012

111 Day Vacation and a Big Birthday Celebration!

My last post was in June sometime so I have a lot to catch up on. I'm still downloading 3+ months of photos and it's truly amazing all that we did this summer. We were gone for 111 days total, traveled through 12 states and just returned last Friday. We pulled into town just in time to meet Lucas' new teacher, Mrs. Chlebowski. She is wonderful and his classroom looked awesome!

Today was his first day of school. Here's our big first grader!

We also had a birthday to finish celebrating. Lucas turned 7 and he was super glad to come home to some long awaited presents. Axel was just as excited. He's been telling everyone we meet (all summer) that Lucas was getting a Mothership! This is a LEGO Alien Conquest kit and it didn't disappoint! Either did the Angry Birds Mighty Eagle cake I made while Daddy helped build LEGOS!

Did I mention that all this took place the same day after driving our last leg (3 days total) from Colorado...after flying back from Oregon to Denver on day one? Crazy?! And yes, we started in Mississippi that morning and drove through the most horrendous rain storm I've ever seen. At times I wondered if we were in a hurricane! We were glad to be home. :)

 The last photo and I are not friends. It wants to be horizontal and I'm tired of fighting with it!

As for the rest of the summer...please be patient! We have some amazing stories, adventures and photos to share.

-The Andersons

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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