Thursday, August 30, 2012

Part 1: The Adventure Begins...

Last Spring we found out that Daddy would be taking two classes at Hill AFB, UT for a total of 6 weeks in May. This was much too long for our family to be apart so we started making plans. With the help of Lucas' teacher and principal we decided to take Lucas out of school and home school him for the last month of his Kindergarten year. We also discussed all the exciting places we could visit having over 100 days of vacation to work with before first grade started.

Brief Plan:
Daddy would fly to various location from Florida. Mommy, Lucas @ Axel would take the car out west and return sometime in August. We would start by driving to Colorado, then Utah, back to Colorado, then to Oregon and back home. Crazy huh?! That's what I thought too but I was willing to give it a try to escape Florida's summer conditions.

Actual Itinerary (condensed version):
Trip begins on April 27, 2012
Drive, after school, from Florida to Colorado via Memphis, TN, Tulsa, OK and Hays, KS.
Stay with G&G J, see family, hike (get used to altitude)
Drive to Ogden, UT - meet Daddy, visit friends, climb, hike & bike for 7 weeks
* Almo, ID - City of Rocks on weekends
* Salt Lake City, UT - here and there
* Snowbird, UT - celebrate 10 year anniversary where we got married
Drive to:
Grand Jct, CO - visit friends, hike
Palisade, CO - hike, visit friends & eat delicious fruit
Longmont, CO - pick up Daddy at airport
Aspen, CO - climb, hike, bike, celebrate 4th of July
Montrose, CO - wedding, visit friends, small family reunion
Ouray, CO - pan for gold, hike & eat ice cream
Evergreen, CO - family time, hike
Colorado Springs, CO - friend time, hike & bike
Evergreen, CO - more family time, hike & bike
Fly to Portland, OR to meet Daddy and see G&G A
Bend, OR - family camping, bike, hike, climb
Corvallis, OR - wedding, bike
Back to Bend, OR - more climbing
Fly out of Portland, OR
Arrive in Denver, CO - see Grandpa J, pack car
Drive to Tulsa, OK
Drive to Crater of the Diamond State Park, AK - Lucas' birthday request
Drive to Hattiesburg, MS
Drive to Niceville, FL just in time to meet teacher, Mrs. Chlebowski
Arrive home to see all our toys and neighbors.
Trip ends on August 17, 2012

So that is the "kind of" condensed version. I'm sure I'm missing things but I'll let the photos tell the story. It's amazing how much we did this summer. Literally, everyday was packed to the max. Our family mantra was "MAXIMISE FUN!" and we were successful.

Here is my attempt to share our adventures with you starting with our arrival in Longmont, CO after a 2 1/2 day drive from Florida.

Skipping rocks and park time with Grandpa.
Sorry...I had to! :)

Tazer tickles.
Cousin Logan
They look like babies. Amazing what 3+ months will do!
Pearl Street in Boulder, CO with Grandpas
Grandma too. Lucas sharing his Ben 10/Angry Birds necklace.

Little climber

Big climber
We love maps.
He would stop every foot or so to make sure we were on track.

See, we love maps!
Aunt Kate & Logan at Zolos for dinner.
Homemade kites that worked perfectly.

Grandma did you escape the camera?!!

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Maile Fano said...

It was so nice to see you and I am glad that you made it back safely. All the adventures and family memories, that is awesome!

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