Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Part 2: Happy Birthday Daddy!

Our first big weekend outing was to Maple Canyon. A good friend, Steve Bechtel, joined us to climb and help celebrate Daddy's birthday. It was so fun to be back in the mountains, climbing on real rock and wearing puffy coat. We had escaped the hot weather and humidity of Florida!

The Pipe Dream is a very steep wall/cave at Maple Canyon. Here, Steve Bechtel, shows us how it's done!

Axel was happy to discover a swing to play on.

Lucas standing in a sea of cobbles.
Daddy giving it a go.

Lucas decided it was worth trying too.

Cool cave looking out to the Pipeline on the left.
Back at camp waiting for birthday celebrations.

After dinner exploring and bouldering.

Maple Canyon has some pretty stunning walls.

Getting Daddy's cake ready.

Yes, we got all 35 candles to light at the same time.

It was a fireball!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Catching up with a good friend.

Gotta play in the fire!

Biggest moon of the year required a late night stroll.

More climbing for Daddy.

Then, it was Lucas' turn.
He headed up all those cobble stones.

He was loving it.

Not having a harness did not stop this little climber.

At the top!

At the top enjoying the view.
Collecting the gear which Lucas clips to his rope to clean the route.

Proud Daddy and son after completing his first 5.6 and 5.7 redpoints.

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