Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Axel is Growing Up!

Axel has two very exciting things to report on. First, he can ride a bike without training wheels. We went on a family ride last week and he was a little annoyed that he had to ride in the kid seat on Mommy's bike while Lucas got to ride his own bike. In the middle of the ride, he announced that he would be taking off his training wheels as soon as we got home. This came from the talk I had about why he had to ride with Mommy. He can't go on family bike rides with training wheels.

Well, we got home and he walked right over to his bike and asked me to take off the training wheels. We did and he was ready to go. With a little help starting, he was off! He did great and absolutely loved the freedom. Mr. No-Fear was full speed zooming around the neighborhood. Axel still needs some help starting but he figured out how to stop in the grass. We are so proud of him.

Train wheels off and he was ready. No hesitation at all.

And there he goes...
Axel can ride without training wheels. He just squeals with delight going around the circle. He's quick too, we can barely keep up with him on foot.

He learned to stop in the grass.

Proud boy. We were proud too!
Second, Axel started preschool this week. We went to orientation last week so he was psyched up and ready for his big day. When I dropped him off, he was a little unsure but stayed strong and found the coolest toys to play with.

He had a blast and did not want to go home. I was so happy to see him handle being gone from me for 5 hours. Yep, I too handled it but I have to admit it was weird being at the house by myself that long. I was able to get so much done! :) I now have 10 hours a week of just Mommy time...oh what to do? what to do?...
Axel started 3 year old preschool this week and LOVED IT!

He has such a big personality.

Mr. Goofy. :)

Mr. Brown Eyes.

This big boy was ready for school!

Getting lunch box ready to go home.

Discovering that it was time to go. "Stay here! Stay here!" was all I heard for about 5 minutes.

Ice cream celebration. It was also the only way I got him to leave preschool. He wanted to stay and was a little disappointed I was already there to take him back home. It made his new teachers smile. It was a great sign that he loves his new school.

Congratulations Axel!!! We love you so much!! Love, Mommy, Daddy & Lucas

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