Monday, September 10, 2012

Haircut in the HOUSE!

Axel's last haircut was last April right before heading off on our summer-long trip. He wanted nothing to do with haircuts all summer so I decided not to argue. However, it started to get into his eyes and was driving him crazy. A week ago, I took things into my own hands and it was borderline disastrous. Yesterday we talked him into a haircut. Daddy, Lucas and Axel all got a much needed trim. :)
Axel with his long locks. He was a ring bearer last month so that's why he's in his adorable tux.

My shaggy salad snacking little boy. Who wants ice cream when you can eat salad! Mommy chopped bangs...

We did it. Look at how handsome he is. I thought I would capture this dramatic change all due to a haircut!

This was the look he had the entire haircut. Not one smile, not even when he got the lolly.

Although, after Mom pulled out her reverse psychology telling him not to smile...we got this shot!

Lucas also got a little trim but wanted to keep his hair longer than Axel. He thinks Axel's looks CRAZY!

Crazy does go well with crazy. :)

Mr. Smooth.

Mr. Don't Smile

Not sure how I got them both looking at the camera but I'll take it.
This haircut fits him so perfectly.

"Don't close your eyes..."

"Close your eyes." Works like a charm!


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Maile Fano said...

LOVE the haircut! It is amazing what a hair cut will do.

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