Friday, September 7, 2012

Part 3: City of Rocks, ID

After the steep juggy weekend spent at Maple Canyon, we headed north to the City of Rocks in Idaho.  We climbed in the City back in the day when living in Utah. However, we had not explored half of what this place has to offer. It's truly amazing and we fell in love all over again. For the next 5 weekends, we headed for the City!

Campground with Elephant Rock in back ground.

Wonderful camp ground exploring and climbing.

Axel was happy to be out of Florida!
The City is a pretty impressive place. This photo is only one section showing how the rocks protrude out of the ground.

These rocks are not small by any means.

See the fluffy light green bushes following a creek from the left of photo to base of the Dolphin Rock formation? Those are way taller than us. This rock is massive and it's only one in a sea...a City of Rocks!
Each formation is unique and interesting and amazing. Mineral deposits from rain help create some amazing formations and rock climbs. It's a geologist heaven!

Lots of history too. Here you can see a name written long ago by explores passing through.
Snack time while Mom & Dad climb.

More incredible formations.

We fell in love with this place!

Lucas is not the only one roping up these days. Axel shows us his slabbing skills.

He's not a fan of heights so this climb was perfect and mellow.

Lucas jumped on board quickly too.

Dad set up a big top rope on a super classic climb called Wheat Thin on Elephant Rock. It starts up high so the exposure is a big factor especially if your 6 years old.

Here they are at the base getting ready for the climb.

Little encouragement from Dad is always helpful.

So is a Dad willing to top rope next to you.

Lucas also tried his skills at Parking Lot Rock. You can see Elephant Rock in the back ground.

Axel kept busy running around at the base.

This is a little different style than the cobbles at Maple Canyon.

Fun cracks to contend with.

He obviously has NO fear of heights.

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