Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Part 4: Spoiled

Utah = Spoiled!
I can't even begin to talk about everything we did during our 7 week stay in Utah. However, our main objective was to MAXIMIZE our time and that's exactly what we did. I did home school with the boys in the morning, we meet up with friends or explored during the day and as soon as Daddy was out of class...we were gone! We were gone climbing, hiking, biking...EVERYDAY! It was such a treat to have so many trails and climbing areas so close. We climbed in the evenings during the week or "rested" with hikes on the other days or took the boys climbing. And, we went on bike rides in the morning when it was cool. Dinner with friends when we could. We were spoiled!

We were able to meet up with friends for some kid climbing days followed by tasty dinners. It was great to catch up with Wendy and her crew. Thanks for joining us!
He's a stinker...just look at that face! :)

My goofy boy.

Axel also got his climb on in his new harness.

So did our friend, Tyler.

Sharing snacks.

Lucas showing us how it's done.

Big Cottonwood Canyon.
Logan Canyon was our preferred evening climbing location. Easy drive, climbs for both Mike and I. China Cave was actually a place we spent time together back when we lived in Utah. It was fun to go back and get on some old and new climbs.

Lucas perfecting his rock tricks at China Cave in Logan, UT.
We celebrated Mommys birthday going on a beautiful hike in North Ogden. The mountains were spectacual and flowers were breaking out. For dinner, we ate at our new favorite mexican restaurant called Sonora Grill. Check it out: It's killer! We followed up dinner at the cupcake shop a few blocks away. Photos were taken but on Mike's phone so we will have to fill those in later. It was a wonderful birthday!!!

Wildflowers for Mommy on my birthday hike.
Birthday cupcakes after an awesome dinner at Sonora Grill.
 During the week day afternoons we did a lot of hiking. I love, love, love the easy access to trails!
Up at the School Room (climbing area Mike developed years ago) on a hike with Daddy.

Axel sleeping in my arms during a hike.

 We took a break to look down at Odgen and the SLC area.

Axel loves waterfalls, even itty bitty ones.
Smore's wtih the Hadleys.

Our weekends were reserved for the City of Rocks. I think we went back there at least 5 times. We fell in love with that place and really found the jewels that place has to offer.

Another glorious morning at the City.

You don't see rocks like this near Florida!

Axel found a little shady nook to hangout in while Lucas was climbing.

This was a break through trip for Lucas. He climbed and climbed.

And climbed some more!

And more! Here I am belaying him, he's a little hard to see up there.

On rest days, we hiked and explored.

It was heaven for us to have such beautiful scenery and wonderful trails.

Tough guys!

This place is so, so big. It's hard to photograph and give it justice.

We found a window in the rock...
and here is the view looking out the window...HUGE exposure!

Axel still loves a good sign. He's my texture kid and loves to trace letters.

Dinner time at camp.

Getting ready for Smores...see Axel in the background on the far right?!

There he is!
Gorgeous sunsets.

Wonderful sunrises.

Daddy up early to get on his project.

Lucas climbing an ultra fun route.

He loved climbing at the City...super fun holds and plenty of routes perfect for him.

We even made sure to see dear friends...Hi Des!

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