Thursday, October 4, 2012

Part 5: City of Rocks - We Love You

 City of Rocks. What can I say? We fell in love.

Like I said before, we went back for 5 weekends. There was something about this place, something magical that we hadn't fully discovered years ago. We all felt it. We all embraced it. We submerged ourselves. Exploring. Climbing. Hiking. Camping. Taking it all in.  We were in love. We are still in love. In love with the fact that we got to share this incredible place with our children and our friends. In love knowing that we can go back. Thank you City of Rocks, thank you for sharing your secrets with us.

 I hope you can see why we fell in love.


wild iris.

Great camp grounds. Every sight is unique and perfect.

Taking a break after a rainy hike at the local restaurant.

Yep, snow!

Checking out route potential.

And rain.

A sea of rocks.


Daddys love.

Climb time.

Swing time.

My fam.

Awesome formations.

Elephant Rock.

Mike climbing one of Brians routes.

Funny little tree.

A friend, Brian, bolting a beautiful arete.

My big boy!

Ever so silly...

big boy!

Love this!
Don't worry, we have more photos of the City! :)

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Maile Fano said...

these are some awesome picture of the City! I really love the one of the beautiful!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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