Thursday, October 25, 2012

Part 7: More City

When not climbing, we were hiking. There is so much to see at The City and we wanted to take full advantage of it.



Lost Arrow

The Dolphin




Mushroom Rock.

My Mushrooms.
Creepy Emperor Rock
One weekend turned out to be very bizzar weather wise. It was sunny and warm one minute and literally a total snow storm the next. It all started in the morning with rain. Then cleared up. Then snowed. Then cleared up. Then snowed again. I'm not sure how many times it actually did this but we were able to squeeze in a full day's of climbing between the storms. It turned out to be a crazy but great day!

Playing in the rain runoff, building ditches.
Chris not letting the rain damper his motivation or trip!

Our little cave/hang out when the first couple rain/snow storms started.
Keeping that motivation!

The whole crew was in good spirits.

The first sign of snow.


The next 10 minutes.

A long enough break in the storms for things to dry out and us to move to a new area.

Tribal ? Something...I need to ask Mike.

Notice the sky change.
It hit us with huge wind gusts and lots of snow so we bundled up and quickly ran for cover.

Taken as the storm was breaking.
Half  hour later!

Mommy getting in her mid-storm climb.

It was so fun.

And dry.

Notice the clouds?

Chris squeezed in one more climb before the next round hit.

It was so wild but so fun. We had a blast and really made the most of it. The wind got pretty crazy so we made friends that evening with some other campers who had a nice big wind breaker tarp. Cozy times!

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