Thursday, October 25, 2012

Part 9: Final Hurah at The City

We were definitely sad to say good-bye to The City after our last weekend camping there. However, in perfect Anderson style, we MAXIMISED fun and to our relief, the weather cooperated.
We had a full weekend of sun and great climbing. Our friend Des joined in on the fun too. This lucky lady is a strong climber and lives right there in Idaho. She's a friend from back in our Utah days. :)
Des climbing some steep stuff.

My little stinker. He about gave his Dad a heart attack climbing up rocks without a spotter.

Lucas patiently waited for his turn to go on top of Bath Rock.

Axel made it on top too.

It really is a great view.

Way to go Daddy for getting each boy up there.

Meanwhile, Des and Mommy had some alone girl only climb time.

Mommy climbing some random arete.

The day was perfect!

View of Bath Rock from the south? side.
We will definitely be planning more trips to The City of Rocks. It's a favorite for sure!!

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