Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pre-Halloween Parties

This year for Halloween, Axel wanted to be Thomas the Train and was completely content with a cute little $9 costume. Lucas had bigger visions and after some tough decisions he was set on being an Alien Commander from Legos Alien Conquest. We started making his costume a month ago and were able to maximise them with numerous Halloween focused activites.
Here is the Lego character...



Here's our Alien character!
#1. First stop was the neighbors.
Axel checking out his brother...making sure it was really Lucas. :)
#2.  Then, it was off to a Halloween birthday party for Lucas' friend Aiden. Axel was a little scared at all the costumes but he kept talking about how it's all pretend.
#3. A week ago, our friends Jodie & Steve, invited us to their church Trunk or Treat Chili Cook Off. It was perfect for the boys and they loved every minute. It got everyone in the Halloween spirit and gave Axel an idea of what was in store down the road.

We even saw Lucas' Science & Math teacher! :)
My gang!
#4. The next night, we hit the local library park for some Halloween fun. We just had good friends moved to town so the Buschelman's joined us.
Ms. Molly rockin' her flight suit with red shoes. Love this girl!

William (Mario) and Dominic (Luigi)
#5. The fun was not over! Last Saturday the boys entered in Halloween costume contest at the Destin Commons Halloween Festival. No official winners in the house but they got my vote for sure!

Lucas showing the judges his awesome costume!
Axel would not let us go home without riding on the haunted train!
#6. We then had to prepare for Axel's school Halloween party. Sugar cookies were in order!
#7. On Tuesday, the party began! It was adorable and very well organized by one of the Dads.
Everyone getting name tags.

Four different stations filled with fun activities.

Decorating goodie bags.
Pumpkin craving. Each group member got to pick out an eye or nose or mouth to make their pumpkin perfect. Mr. Scott did the carving and they were all judged at the end of the party! I'm pretty sure it was a four way tie!

Yummy treats!

Axel and his buddy, Dominic.
More carving.
Checking out the competition.

Snack time!

I think we are finally ready for Halloween! HA! :)

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