Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Has Arrived

Happy Halloween!
This year we had an extra big gang to celebrate with. Our cousins, Lauren (2months), Dominic (almost 2 years), Marcus (3 years), along with Aunt Christina and Uncle Eric are here for an extended stay. They came just in time to join in on all our Halloween fun.
We first headed over to the neighbors for a little snack.
Dominic, Marcus, Axel and Lucas

Christina, Eric & Lauren...first baby girl out 7 boy brothers and cousins!

She lasted about 5 minutes. :)
Then we headed over to Jodie & Steve's house for a soup potluck before hitting the neighborhood.
Lucas quickly realized that the Witches' Brew was really root beer. He was taste testing before Mr. Steve added the magic.
Mr. Steve making it extra special.
So much delicious food...soups and breads!

Lucas, Mommy & Axel. Yep, I had beautiful platinum hair this Halloween.
All the kiddos plus one Mommy. :)

We tried again...Little Lauren was in full character.

Finally, time for Trick or Treating!
We sprinted from house to house until the buckets got heavy and legs got tired.

We were all in character!

The house decorations were amazing!!!

Axel even ran into a little princess from school...Ms. Emma.

I was so proud of Axel, he faced his fears and didn't let all the pretend stuff get in his way candy!

More awesome houses.

They don't mess around in this neighborhood!

It was a blast and we were so happy to have our family here to share in all the excitement.

Soup Ladies! :) Thank you Jodie and Steve!!! We had a wonderful time!
Happy Halloween! Hope you had a wonderful night!! Daddy...we sure missed you but saved you lots of treats! :)

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