Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Get-A-Way!

The boys and I made the 10+ hour drive to the Red River Gorge for Thanksgiving this year. We extended our trip by a week to really make it worth while! Our 16 day trip was action packed and the weather cooperated.
Although we had had a wonderful time, a big piece was missing and it was felt by all. Daddy was not there and it was hard to get used too. The cabin is our special FAMILY place out in the middle of nowhere and it's extra special when we are ALL there to share in the memories.
I have no regrets about going. I climbed hard. We visited with dear friends. We made many new memories and friendships. We ate better than planned. We had a blast despite the 12 hour bug that we all caught. However, it wasn't the same without Daddy there. My photos hardly give our trip justice but it was hard to get motivated to capture the moments of each day when such a huge part was missing.
We do have a few photos for memory sake. We are so thankful to have the cabin, to have each other and to have the technology to talk to Daddy daily! We are so thankful for so, so much more...
We love and miss you Daddy! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Hot Cocoa Mornings

The boys helping Shaun with the rope.

Shaun is wonderful with them...always has been!
You can barely see the kiddos playing in the midst of the rocks.
There they are!

So many pockets to climb on.

Catching up with old(er) friends!

Making new friends.

Good, good friends!

Lucas and his girls.

The gang at the crag.




Tough landing!

Thanksgiving Day!

Rocket Launch #1.

Rocket Launch #2.
Full bellies.

Friends remodeled's gorgeous!

Thanksgiving Smore's of course!
Mom time.

Silly time.


Reading books with Paul and gang.

Reading to jokes to Shaun.

Movie time...E.T. a new favorite.

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