Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st: A Day to Celebrate!

And celebrate we did!
The first of the month is a big deal here in this house! It's another month down and one more closer until Daddy comes home. Today was extra special because it fell on a Saturday so there was plenty of time and events to keep us super busy!
Niceville Christmas Parade.
Jaden (neighbor), Axel & Lucas


Oops...missed the perfect shot of Santa who arrived today for a quick visit.

We did fill our pockets with plenty of candy.

And, we have enough beaded necklaces to start a business next Mardi Gras!
Lucas went to a birthday party at the gymnastics center.
Axel and I had a "date" with some gelato.

Gelato and espresso that is!

We headed to the beach to watch the sunset. This is absolutely my most favorite time of the year to be at the beach. It's empty, calm and gorgeous...especially at sunset!

My favorite.

My favorite! :)


Another favorite!

Yes, I did just post this on the world wide interwebs!

My Ultra favorite!
After the beach, we headed to dinner. Lucas got to pick the location this time and he decided it would be Olive Garden because of the bread sticks! Great choice Lucas. 

Daddy always surprises us with a little first of the month gift.

It was a hit!

A home run!

This photo is to shock Daddy...Yes, the boys each ordered their own meals and ate them! That's what an action packed day will do to these two growing boys.
WE LOVE AND MISS YOU DADDY! Thank you for helping to make our day so special!

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