Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elf Ride

I have to admit, Mike is the driving force behind our numerous family outings. I've really had to step up to the plate so I find myself contsantly searching local calendars looking for events we can do on the weekends. We can't stay at home, what would Daddy think?! :)

Last weekend, I learned about an Elf Ride in Seaside, FL. That's about 30 minutes or so away but it's in a wonderful little quaint community on the beach....gorgous beach! Anyways, the Elf Ride was from the Post Office to the Fire Department and it was a fund raiser for toys the firemen could give out at Christmas. I was in...WE were in! Did I ever chcck to see how far the ride was? Nope!

Deocrating your bike or scooter was a must for this bunch!
We even added some Elf Hats to the equation!

Lucas road his bike and did a great job.

His bike looked pretty awesome too!

Axel opted for his scooter which looked awesome but turned out to be not the best choice. Mommy assumed this would be a really short ride. Well, it was for one leg but round trip it totaled 3.2 miles. That's REALLY far for a little scooter leg!

Thanks a great big brother and a kind lady in the pack, we made it to the fire station.
Axel ended up crashing and twisting his scooter handle bar to an unuseable condition. He finished out on Lucas' bike while Mommy pushed him along, Lucas on Mommy's scooter(technically Lucas') and Axel's scooter was carried by the nice lady. We enjoyed pizza and coke (having coke is a very rare thing in this family so it was a real treat) and took our time getting back to the car. After that, we had a little time to hit the beach for another sunset.

Side note: These photos mean so much espeically in light of the tragic events that unfolded last Friday in CT. I am so blessed and my heart goes out to all those parents, siblings, grandparents and friends who lost their babies...and moms!
See, NO ONE! I love the beach this time of year!!

So do these boys!

It's just so peaceful and powerful to have a place like this to yourself.

We will be going back many times this winter.

I'm in love!
Remember the shopping for each other story? Upon returning home, we had to get right to wrapping the gifts. This set off a fire storm of wrapping in our house. I had no idea that Axel would be so into wrapping. He helped me for the longest time, carefully picking out paper, pulling tape and folding paper in the perfect manner. Even Lucas was amazed by his brothers skills. Later in the week, I put them both to work wrapping gifts for Mommy that I was not to see. They loved it and were very secretive! So darn cute!!!
Our skinny little tree turned out to be a fatty after the branches relaxed.

I love our tree but not as much as I love these boys and a boy who is currently over the pond!

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Susie said...

Way to keep busy, Janelle! That's the best way to make the time pass!!

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